Alen Babic Rises From The Canvas To Win War Against Adam Balski!

Alen Babic Wins WBC Silver Bridgerweight title

Alen Babic poses at weigh-in for fight with Adam Balski
Alen Babic

Alen Babic Picks Up WBC Silver Bridgerweight Title Over Adam Balski

In a battle involving heavyweight hopefuls, the entertaining, unbeaten power-puncher Alen “The Savage” Babic (11-0, 10KOs) put on another exciting fight as he waged an action-packed battle with Poland’s Adam Balski (16-2, 9KOs). Anyone who has witnessed The Savage fight knows one thing about him; He loves to fight! Although not the most technical or fundamental fighter, the Croatian pugilist has garnered the attention of many in boxing due to his style, power, and colorful personality.

Balski, an unknown commodity going into the fight, looked to spring a mild upset. He had only one loss in seventeen fights. His competition, to say the least, was less than stellar. The only blemish on his record came against Mateusz Masternak last May, as he lost by unanimous decision.


Babic has shifted gears and turned his focus on the newly created bridgerweight division. He immediately sprang into action like a lion out of a cage and he was dropped by a left hook in the first round.

After getting over the shock of being down, the Croatian went on the attack, landing hard body shots and powerful left and right hooks. The pressure started to get to Balski, who was not moving as much. He was leaning up against the ropes getting pounded by sharp uppercuts that put him in retreat mode.

In the middle rounds, it was clear that Babic was getting to Balski, who was waiting until the last seconds of the rounds to fight back with a flurry of left and right hooks. However, Babic kept coming forward landing body shots, and those uppercuts were splitting the guard of Balski.

As the fight was coming to a close, Babic surprisingly displayed boxing skills that had fans on their feet. He changed up the level of attack by working behind the jab before landing the right hand. Babic used footwork to cut off the ring, providing angles to land the counter left hook, and kept attacking the body of a stationary opponent.


Balski came to fight as he charged back, landing a double left hook with one landing after the bell to end the ninth round. Babic was out on his feet going to the corner, and the referee took one point away from Balski for the late punch.

The tenth round was an all-out war as Balski jumped on a hurt Babic, landing a hard right hand, followed by the left hook. However, Babic came roaring back by landing a hard left hook that put his opponent against the ropes, and both men traded shots until the final bell.

The crowd gave a standing ovation in appreciation for what they witnessed. One judge saw it 95-93, with two scoring it 97-91 for Babic, making him the new WBC Silver bridgerweight titlist.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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