Josh Taylor To Catterall: “It’s One Apiece; Let’s Do The Trilogy!”

Josh Taylor Seeks a Tie-Breaker with Jack Catterall!

Josh Taylor wants to break his tie with Jack Catterall
Josh Taylor wants to fight a trilogy with Jack Catterall (credit: Matchroom)

Josh Taylor Calls For Trilogy With Jack Catterall To Break the Tie

When Jack “El Gato” Catterall (29-1, 13 KO’s) first fought with Josh “The Tartan Tornado” Taylor (19-2, 13 KO’s), on February 26, 2022, he dropped a controversial split decision loss. To sour the defeat even more, Catterall was denied the opportunity to become an undisputed champion as Taylor held the distinction at the time. Now a hair over two years later, El Gato seizes his revenge by toppling The Tartan Tornado by way of unanimous decision.


To open the match, Catterall got off to a fantastic start by defending well, and finding an immediate home for his thudding jab and stiff left hook. In fact, El Gato would sweep most of the first half rounds. During the back nine of the fight however, Taylor found a groove and commenced landing a number of hurtful shots that at times appeared to bother Catterall.

Despite his temporary spots of success, Taylor was never able to fully turn the fight in his favor. Yet, with the ample amount of success that he did have, The Tartan Tornado was adamant that he’d love to run it back one more time.

“Listen, I thought it was a great fight. Fair play to Jack, he boxed a better fight tonight. He was a better fighter than in the first, he was great! But listen, I thought I just nicked [won] the fight to be fair. It was a close fight but I’ll give him the controversy in the first fight. I think that was from putting it in the judges hands, but I think I just nicked the fight, to be honest. But listen, fair play to Jack, he won the fight. But listen, let’s do a third one! Why not? It was a great fight!”


To be honest, Taylor is correct in the fact that Catterall versus Taylor 3 would be a great fight, likely eagerly accepted by fight fans. Yet, at the same time, there is a high probability that El Gato will want to seek other conquests before staging a rubber match with The Tartan Tornado. Being sensible, Taylor even spoke of this potential himself.

“Well if he wants to go challenge for bigger fights, he deserves it. He won the fight. But I think it’s one apiece, so let’s do that. Let’s do the trilogy!”

So with all his options following this redemptive win, we all will have to wait and see what is next for Jack Catterall.

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