BBB Of C Hopeful Professional Boxing Commences In July

BBB of C Optimistic About July Return

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BBB of C Optimistic About July Return

As is the case with every professional sport on the globe, COVID-19 has frustratingly slammed the brakes on all live boxing cards. Naturally, the promoters, fighters and fans want everything to return to normal as quickly as possible.

The trouble is it does not appear that ‘normal’ is anywhere near close to reemerging. Nevertheless, the British Boxing Board of Control (BBB of C) is optimistic that they can start staging events again as early as July. Although, even if the UK does get back to holding live boxing events in the summer, they will be very different from the norm.

The BBB of C has expressed their hope that they can start firing up the gears of production this summer. However, this is clearly not a promise or guarantee. Like all other nonessential businesses, they are waiting to get clearance from their government officials stating that they have the official green light to resume.


Once action has resumed, there will be a few glaring differences that fans will have to get accustomed to. First and foremost, as has been widely speculated, when the live fights do resume, there is not likely going to be an audience on hand.

Another notable change will state that each card will be limited to five maximum bouts, in addition to being absent an audience. And in order to appear on the card, each boxer will have to submit and pass a medical form, COVID-19 testing and a pre-fight quarantine. To elaborate further on the matter, the BBB of C released this statement:

“At present, there is no date for lockdown to end. Public health and safety is everyone’s top priority and the British Boxing Board of Control is taking Government advice so that we can best advise all our license holders as to when professional Boxing in the UK can resume. We recognize that license holders will want to prepare for restrictions being lifted and sport resuming. It is important to recognize that when professional Boxing promotions can resume there may be restrictions in place.

Depending upon Government decisions, it is hopeful that professional Boxing will commence in July 2020 and we will continue to use our best endeavors to do so and are working closely with our Promoters. Initially, it is unlikely that crowd attending promotions will be permitted. In that situation, the emphasis will be on minimal numbers of Officials, License Holder’s, members of the Promoter’s team and broadcasting personnel to facilitate a tournament that meets all BBB of C safety requirements.

No tournament will be permitted to run unless the venue has been approved by the BBB of C post the Government lockdown being lifted.”

So while it’s good to hear that the BBB of C is taking the situation seriously and has a plan to hit the ground running, for the moment the waiting game continues!

By: Bakari Simpson

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