Alexander Fades Late; Berto Takes the Win!

Berto takes full advantage of a fading Alexander to receive a split decision victory!

The fight started with both men trying to establish their dominance.

Alexander appeared to be the sharper of the two; landing the nicer, sharper punches. He found a home for the uppercut that appeared to shake up Berto a couple of times in the fight.

Alexander even benefited from a knockdown that was arguably caused by a punch to the back of the head. At this point, it could be said he was comfortably ahead on the cards.

All signs pointed toward victory for the former IBF champion. Then, just as in his fight with Victor Ortiz, he faded.

His punch output slowed. He stopped moving as much. His hands dropped to his side. It was like Alexander was either complacent or no longer interested.

Berto saw exactly what was happening and took full advantage.

The second half of the fight consisted of Berto applying high pressure round after round.

Kevin Cunningham (trainer for Alexander) pleaded with his fighter to let his hands go. Unfortunately, the will to do so was no longer there.

By the end of the twelfth round, Berto had successfully taken over the fight.

Two of the three judges agreed and the official decision went his way.

After the fight, Berto expressed interest in the winner of Garcia/Porter on September 8.

As for Alexander, who admitted he slowed down in the latter rounds, he had aspirations of challenging WBA super champion Keith Thurman. That my not be in the cards now.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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