Bill Haney: “In 48 Hours Ryan Garcia Will Be Suspended”

Bill Haney Hits Ryan Garcia For Trying to Escape Punishment

Bill Haney is delighted that Ryan Garcia will face consequences
Bill Haney promises that Ryan Garcia will soon be suspended from boxing (credit: Richard Pelham/Getty Images)

Bill Haney Promises A Suspension For Ryan Garcia

Bill Haney, father of WBC junior welterweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-1, 15KO), isn’t surprised by the recent decision of “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (25-1, 20KO) to leave the sport. Regardless, Haney is predicting the consequence of suspension to come for Garcia.

The boxing world was sent on an emotional rollercoaster ride during the night King Ry released several tweets out of frustration before announcing his retirement from the sport. This decision to walk away comes days before the NYSAC rules on his positive test for a banned substance.


This prompted the elder Haney to post a message followed by a video going after Garcia and his protectors.

“Listen, this doesn’t surprise me that Ryan Garcia is talking about that he’s retired and that he’s not going to stand up for his fate in 48 hours. Everybody’s been protecting him . . . but you’re running out of time. In 48 hours, your boy Ryan Garcia will be suspended. Networks, promoters, and everybody that’s been trying to protect him, you’re going to go down with the ship.”

Nobody should be surprised by Haney’s video as he has been saying that Team Garcia will have hell to pay. The NYSAC will likely pass down a one-year suspension and overturn King Ry’s victory over the WBC champion.

Garcia’s looking to retire coupled with an unstable mindset is a recipe for even more disaster. The reality is everyone knew the suspension was inevitable. Like it or not, he tested positive.

His legal team was asking for a reduced sentence after making claims of cross-contamination, which has been rebutted by the NutraBio. In this author’s opinion the chances of Garcia coming out of this without a severe punishment are highly unlikely.

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