Billy Joe Saunders: “I’ll Fight Canelo For Free”

Billy Joe Saunders Wants To Put Everything On The Line For Canelo!

Billy Joe Saunders and Canelo Alvarez
Billy Joe Saunders (left) and Canelo Alvarez.

Billy Joe Saunders Continues to Taunt Canelo Alvarez!

It has been very troubling with boxing’s biggest earner Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (53-1-2, 36ko) struggling to secure a credable opponent for his traditional September fight date. The four-divisional champion shocked the boxing world when announced he was going to fight WBO Super middleweight champion “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders (29-0, 14ko). However, this bout was going to be for the traditional Cinco De Mayo weekend, which eventually got postponed due to COVID-19.

Now, this meant that the fight more than likely would take place in September. Yet Saunders felt that with not being able to properly train decided to pull out of negotiations. This ultimately sent Golden Boy Promotions back to the drawing board.

Furthermore, Team Canelo has since recycled the idea of fighting the WBA “super” champion Callum “Mundo” Smith (27-0, 19ko). Negotiations started in February, however, Smith felt the money on the table wasn’t quite right. Moreover, it seems that still the two teams haven’t been able to finalize something concrete.


“Superb” didn’t bite his tongue when asked about the situation during an interview with iFL TV.

“It’s very strange. Isn’t it fucking everyone else around for a date? I know they’re fucking Callum Smith around he’s a world champion. He’s a brilliant fighter, world-class fighter. He’s better than that.

“He should do what I done because that’s all they are doing is fucking with your brain and your mind.”

“You know are you getting it or are you not? Alright let’s hang around….NO NO NO!”

“World champion matters! You’re a world champion! Pull yourself out of it fuck’em off! If they really do want to fight they’ll pay you and they will give you a date and a time.”

Strong words! However, if you know Saunders then you know he had plenty more to say. The WBO champion wasn’t close to being done as he issued a challenge to Team Canelo that will be hard for them to ignore.

“I’ll tell you what! The best thing for Canelo to do…wait until December! And come to a proper Super-middleweight, a proper champion.”

“Wait until December, then let’s go! December already let’s go fair even playing field no robberies.”

Here is where Saunders lays it all out on the line.

“I’ll tell you what! The money I signed for, keep it! I swear to God on it! You keep it! If he wants to come to England I’ll let him keep it and I’ll fight him for free! If I beat him pay me what I am contracted if I don’t, don’t pay me.”

Even if this feels like a bluff, Golden Boy needs to pick up the phone and start dialing as the ball is in their court now.

By: Garrisson Bland

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