Bone’s Buzz: Garcia Turns Down Linares Fight

Garcia/Linares Isn’t Happening Next, So Garcia/Easter Then?

By: Chris Henderson


According to Eric Gomez, Mikey Garcia has turned down an offer to fight Jorge Linares. Earlier this week Bone’s Buzz reported that the fight was likely to happen next after talking to Gomez but today he stated that Garcia said he had a better deal.

Gomez said they were particularly disappointed because Garcia went on social media and began calling out for the fight and when the company “gave Mikey basically everything he wanted he turned itdown.”

Gomez said Golden Boy offered him a 50-50 split of the money in the fight, agreed to a one-fight deal without having any options on future Garcia fights — a big issue for Garcia — and also agreed that if Garcia wanted adviser Al Haymon, a bitter rival of Golden Boy’s, involved in the bout it would not be an issue.

“Mikey said it was a business decision,” Gomez said. “I got a text from him [Wednesday] morning, and then I called him right after. He said he’s got another offer so he’s going to take the other offer and we wish him well. The way I left it with Mike was, ‘Hey, let’s continue to communicate and if the fight can be made after the next fight and after Linares’ next fight then we’ll explore it.’

After not agreeing to terms Miguel Cotto fight due to certain stipulations offered by Golden Boy and turning down this opportunity to fight Linares it can only make one think that they may be a little hesitant to return to negotiations with Garcia.

“We couldn’t make it, but I agreed with Eric Gomez that we’d be in touch to make it after this fight,” Garcia told ESPN Deportes. “I have more options, really, compared to what I had. The guaranteed purse is better, even though I really want the Linares fight, but you have to take into consideration the business. As Golden Boy is looking to do the best for their company, so I look out for me.”

Exactly which deal Garcia was offered that is better was not revealed but it is believed to be a possible unification with IBF Lightweight champion Robert Easter Jr. There were discussions between the two teams that took place for this fight prior to any talk between Garcia and Golden Boy for a fight with Linares.

By: Chris Henderson