Boots Ennis Still Wants Crawford: “We’d Rather Take The Belt”

Ennis Wants to Earn his Championship Label by Beating Crawford

Boots Ennis still wants to face Terence Crawford
Boots Ennis still wants to face Terence Crawford | credit: AP, Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

Jaron Ennis Maintains a Desire to Face Terence Crawford

IBF welterweight champion Jaron “Boots” Ennis (31-0, 28KO) did not become a champion the way he would have liked. Yet, the Philadelphian still has aspirations of fighting two-divisional undisputed champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (40-0, 31KO).

The boxing community continues to buzz over the IBF’s recent move to strip Crawford of the title. Afterward, the organization swiftly elevated Ennis to full champion status.

The new IBF champion has always been steadfast in wanting to fight Crawford or Errol Spence Jr.. He even expressed a willingness to go up in weight to get the fight.


So, his reply to YSMSports Media questioning if Crawford was still on the radar shouldn’t come as a shock to boxing fans.

“Definitely . . . it’s not the way that we wanted to get the belt. We’d rather take the belt from somebody. It’ll feel better when you take it from somebody.”

The Philadelphian is right for saying it’s better to win the title outright, as the past few days, fans have labeled him with the “email champion” tag. This is a way of discrediting his accomplishment of becoming a champion since it was not done in the ring.

In reality, Ennis’s high-risk/low-reward tag was the main reason why it has been hard to land any big-name fighter. Before getting elevated, he recently had top contender Cody Crowley pull out of a fight, which would have been a title fight.

With the championship belt in his possession, Ennis shouldn’t have any more problems making a fight with the top names in the division.

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