Boxing & Education: Boxers Who Excelled Without Higher Education

Successful Boxers Who's Careers Excelled Without Higher Education

Floyd Mayweather & Mike Tyson with yellow Lamborghinis.
Floyd Mayweather (left) & Mike Tyson with yellow Lamborghinis.

Is Higher Education Necessary For A Successful Boxing Career?

Do you think higher education is essential for becoming a successful sportsman? Is it necessary to have a higher education level to become a professional boxer? This question is frequently asked by many people who want to devote their lives to a sport and master one of the most popular activities in the world, which requires a lot of training and incredible persistence. Combining college classes with training can be tricky as it takes countless hours to get the right conditions for participating in competition and getting great results.

Nevertheless, many professional athletes achieved unbelievable results in a sport while doing their best in studying, which enabled them to get a degree and successfully connect their future with a sport. It is not above the realm of thinking to conclude a higher education would help an athlete better understand concepts like accounting, budgeting, contract negotiating, etc. However, not all athletes can afford such luxury as gaining a qualification at the beginning of their careers.

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There are cases when a sportsperson would sacrifice everything to become a professional in their field, resulting in them bringing their families out of poverty. There could be no question of going to college as the finances would make it impossible. On the other hand, there can be other obstacles to prevent athletes from achieving a qualification.

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Successful Boxers Who Did Not Complete Higher Education

Many professional athletes manage to finish college or university before turning professional. However, boxers are an exception. There are numerous reasons why most of them decide to leave their studies without finishing to spend more time on training. Below is a short list of the most famous boxers who don’t regret their choice or the hand they were dealt to sacrifice a higher education for their dream of becoming successful in the sport.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Did Floyd graduate high school? He revealed the answer after his son completed his high school education. It was a great revelation as the father didn’t want to confuse his child with the decision, which was inevitable at that time. Mayweather struggled hard to make ends meet and boxing seemed to be his out. It wasn’t easy to do and required much effort, especially having such a dream as becoming a successful boxer.

Nevertheless, Mayweather did his best becoming one of the greatest of all-time. He became the perfect example of how to go to accomplish a dream which once seemed impossible to reach. Today, he is proud that his son didn’t follow exactly in his footsteps and graduated high school. He was also glad that his child didn’t experience the poverty and misfortunes brought to Floyd during his childhood. Although, the many challenges he faced developed his personality, his inner strength and willpower.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, famous for being one of the most feared fighters in boxing history, Tyson has paved his way to success without any particular qualification. He grew up in a poor neighborhood and was no stranger to dangerous disputes that put lives at risk. This harsh world made him physically strong which eventually caught the eye of Hall of Fame trainer Cus D’Amato. At that point, the rest is history!

Although he didn’t go to college, he managed to find his vocation. He started his training early enough to show everyone that he was worth recognition in the big arena of boxing. According to Tyson, there are no educational credentials to become an outstanding person in the field. Instead, you could invest all your time and energy in something you are great and passionate about.

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