Lucas Browne Destroys Junior Fa In One-Round Annihilation!

Browne Gobbles Up Fa in One!

Lucas Browne flexes at a fight weign-in
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Lucas Browne Dumps Junior Fa on the Canvas Twice in Round One!

In his latest professional contest, heavyweight contender Junior Fa (19-2, 10 KO’s) locked horns with a well-aged Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne (31-3, 27 KO’s). In many respects, it was a must win for both men as Browne is 43 years old which is notably advanced to still be competing. By this same token, Fa could not afford to lose to Browne given his age and recent performance history and still be taken as a serious threat in the division.

Browne’s biggest win came against living icon and three-division champion James Toney almost ten years ago. Regrettably the sun has long set on that stand-alone victory. Over the past six years, the Australian has slapped together a professional career that is little more than an embarrassing collage of devastating knockouts, tragically weak excuses and a string of damning PED’s violations. This is precisely why 3Kings Boxing felt that Browne should already be a year into his retirement, which was long overdue at that time!

Fa has been regarded as a serious contender for some time but the clock is ticking. His best win to date came against the well-recognized, and well-faded, Dominick Guinn back in 2019. In his last bout however, against one-time heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, he came up short by way of unanimous decision. This is precisely why losing to the “elderly,” generally out of shape and knockout-friendly Browne was not acceptable.


In a stunning turn of events, after controlling the first half of the opening round with his probing jab, Browne dropped Fa with a hard looping right over the top. Fa would find his feet but stumbled around severely. After being allowed to continue, moments later, the badly hurt boxer was put down by a near identical looping right. It should be mentioned that the last shot was behind the head. This was more due to Fa twisting his head than Browne targeting the illegal area, however.

In any event, it was scored as a legal blow and the fight will go into the books as a loss for Fa. This was a grand and unexpected victory for Big Daddy who will no doubt parlay this into another ring appearance. As far Fa is concerned, this is about as detrimental a loss as they come. It will be interesting to see how he rebounds from these back-to-back losses.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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