Chantelle Cameron v Kali Reis Undisputed Bout Looks All But Dead

Chantelle Cameron v Kali Reis Looking More Unlikely

Chantelle Cameron and Kali Reis on separate paths
Chantelle Cameron (L, Credit: Mark Robinson), Kali Reis (Credit: Billy Bennight/Admedia)

Chantelle Cameron and Kali Reis No Longer on Road to Undisputed

Women boxing has been on fire with unifications and undisputed bouts taking place. In the junior welterweight division, fans were ready to see another undisputed clash between unified champions Chantelle “Il Capo” Cameron (16-0, 8KO) and Kali “KO Mequinonoag” Reis (19-7-1, 5KO). However, their fight may have been killed as both fighters are now on separate paths.

In 2021, Il Capo walked away with the IBF title after beating Mary McGee. Also, Reis would narrowly defeated replacement fighter Jessica Camara. This put fans in high gear for the undisputed clash. Unfortunately, the undisputed showdown has been put on hold as Reis is recovering from an undisclosed health complication.


Reis has been out of the ring for nine months and there is no sign of her returning anytime soon. The 35-year-old Rhode Island native is now dabbling in the world of acting. She gave an excellent performance in the movie Catch the Fair One.

Next, she has a lead role alongside academy award winner Jodie Foster in the HBO series, True Detective. The lure of Hollywood has fans wondering if Reis will return to the sport.


Cameron seems to have moved on and is engaging in talks with undisputed welterweight champion Jessica McCaskill. Il Capo wants the fight to be for McCaskill’s undisputed status. If the fight does happen at welterweight, fans can expect the Cameron versus Reis junior welterweight undisputed showdown to completely evaporate.

It will be sad if this becomes a missed opportunity. The division, once primed to crown an undisputed champion, is now filled with uncertainty.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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