Carlos Adames Bests Terrell Gausha At The Cost Of His KO Streak

Carlos Adames vs Terrell Gausha Fight Recap

Carlos Adames decisions Terrell Gausha
Carlos Adames defends his WBC middleweight title from Terrell Gausha

Carlos Adames Earns Dominant Decision Over Terrell Gausha

In a match that had very little notable action to report, WBC middleweight champion Carlos Adames (24-1, 18 KO’s) retained his title by way of unanimous decision. For his efforts, Adames collected the win over Terrell Gausha (24-4-1, 12 KO’s). While it worked for him, the general lack of enjoyable violence was due to Gausha’s effective and evasive footwork coupled with his ever-present high guard.

This nifty defense was able to largely mute the typically destructive punches of Adames. To his credit though, Adames came forward for all twelve rounds and never stopped throwing real heat. Yet those digging shots rarely found pay dirt. Sadly for the viewing public, the bout would maintain the consistent humdrum tempo throughout. The Dominican fished for big blows, while Gausha picked his spots to either throw single counters shots or unload a short burst of punches.

In the final several rounds, Adames picked up the pace and found greater success with thumping body shots. Although, in the eleventh the action would be paused for a brief moment when one of those menacing punches strayed low and caught Gausha well below the belt. Even with the neck-and-neck closeness of the bout, neither man really sold out during the final round.

Due to the sparse overall action, there was a bit of apprehension when the match went to the scorecards. When they were read however, Adames won by way of unanimous decision to the tune of 119-109 (twice) and 118-110.

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