Jermell Charlo Stops Cota; Puts Tony Harrison on Notice!

Jermell Charlo Stops Jorge Cota With Ease!

Jermell Charlo
Jermell Charlo

Jermell Charlo easily dispatches of Jorge Cota in three rounds!

Jorge Cota stepped up on late notice to replace the injured WBC champion Tony Harrison in facing Jermell Charlo in Las Vegas!

The Breakdown

The first couple of rounds saw Cota landing a few combinations. Notably, his herky-jerky style was giving Charlo some issues.

However, the physical skill and mental gap was apparent and it was only going ot be a matter of time before the former champion made the adjustment.

Then, in round three, Charlo figured out his opponent and started applying more pressure. The result would be a devastating right hand knock Cota go down hard!

Still visibly hurt and using the ropes to hold himself up, the late replacement would be allowed to continue. Immediately, a jab-straight right would put Cota down and out cold!

As was expected, Charlo go the knockout early. As Harrison sat ringside, the former champion let him know he wished it was him who was in the ring tonight.

Hopefully, the champ can stay injury free as the rematch has already been slated to take place in September!

By: Jordan Whitehead

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