Jonas On Mayer Rematch: “Now There’s A Bit Of Backtracking”

Natasha Jonas vs Mikaela Mayer Sequel In Jeopardy

Mikaela Mayer looks disinterested in a rematch with Natasha Jonas
Natasha Jonas (PA) says the Mikaela Mayer rematch is in jeopardy

Natasha Jonas Encountering Troubles Finalizing Mayer Rematch

The fight foremost on the mind of the reigning IBF women’s welterweight champion Natasha Jonas (15-2-1, 9 KOs) is a second fight with the former unified champion Mikaela Mayer (19-2, 5 KOs). But does Team Mayer have the same desire for a rematch with Jonas?


Jonas is back in the gym. During an exclusive interview with the British media outlet Seconds Out, the pride of Liverpool, England was asked to update the status of the potential rematch. The IBF champion was visibly frustrated that things cannot get finalized.

“From what I can understand, speaking directly to Mayer’s team, it was being agreed, and now there’s a bit of backtracking. I don’t know who that’s from . . . It’s a little bit disappointing.”

In January 2024, Jonas defeated Mayer by a split decision in a fight that exceeded all expectations. Afterward, Mayer called for a rematch. Jonas would love to fight Mayer again on the undercard of the June 15 battle between WBO cruiserweight champion Chris Billam-Smith and Richard Riakporhe.


Jonas knows she doesn’t have much time left in her career. The 39-year-old has been very open that she plans to retire at the end of this year. But before hanging up the gloves, she wants the biggest payday possible. A rematch with Mayer is a significant money matchup in women’s boxing.

Given that reality and how competitive their previous battle was, Jonas – Mayer II is a fight that the fans would like to see. You would have to scratch your head if it turns out that Team Mayer is now having second thoughts. Should the former 130-pound champion decide to go another direction, it would be a great disappointment to many in the boxing community.

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