Joey Spencer Remains Undefeated!

Joey Spencer vs Akeem Black

Joey Spencer
Joey Spencer

Joey Spencer stays undefeated in hard fought battle.

2018 prospect of the year, Joey Spence looked to impress once again as he took on prospect Akeem Black.

Although still a very young fighter at the age of 19 and only having eight professional bouts, Spencer has been criticized on his competition as of late.

Most feel he should step-up and fight opponents a little more formidable. Well tonight, Black gave the young prospect everything he wanted and more!

The Breakdown

Early on, Spencer was jabbing and moving and keeping his opponent confused. However, from round three on, Black started turning up the heat and applying pressure.

He hurt Spencer in the fourth round and had him bleeding from the nose. Things were starting to look grim for the young prospect, but he fought back. He even hurt Black in the fifth as they were going toe-to-toe.

This was by far the hardest fight of the young prospect’s career. He was bruised, bloodied and looked very fatigued by the final bell. In addition, his opponent landed a counter left hook with a second left in the final round that seriously hurt him.

It was apparent that if this were a ten round event, Black could have put somethings together an possibly stopped Spencer!

Regardless, the California native managed to get a unanimous decision of 59-55 on all 3 scorecards, although the fight appeared to be much closer.

By: Jordan Whitehead

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