Jermell Charlo: “The WBC Only Did Drug Testing Once For Castano Fight!”

Jermell Charlo Has a Bone to Pick with the WBC!

Jermell Charlo looks distrusting of the WBC CBP
Jermell Charlo looks distrusting of the WBC CBP

Jermell Charlo Cries Foul with the WBC Clean Boxing Program

IBF, WBA Super and WBC super welterweight champion Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KO’s) has recently openly criticized the WBC Clean Boxing Program. Drug cheating is a known evil that takes place in the sport of boxing. Prior to Floyd Mayweather famously demanding that Manny Pacquiao submit to Olympic style drug testing, it was very easy to believe that most fighters were ‘clean’. Since that time however, this is no longer the case. As a result of that now historic requirement, drug testing in the sport has taken on a whole new importance and relevance.

Seeking to be a leader in this regard, the WBC jumped to the forefront of the issue by launching their Clean Boxing Program in 2016. By teaming up with VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association), the WBC set out to provide the standard for drug testing in the sport. However, Charlo says the program is far more lip service than anything.


In a recent interview on the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer, Charlo gave total access to his displeasure with the WBC’s handling of drug testing. These complaints are in reference to his previous and upcoming prizefight with WBO 154-pound Brian Castano.

“I must speak up! I’m not here to down or diss nobody, I’m just here to speak facts and from the beginning, I already knew it was problem. The last fight I had with him on July 17, 2021 we only drug tested one time!”

“[…] the whole camp, nobody came. You know what they told me? They said, ‘hey Charlo you were supposed to have requested for that a month ago!’ NEVER have I requested for a drug test!”

“[…] WBC, I’m mad at y’all! Because y’all said y’all a clean sport and if anybody fight for your titles, y’all are going to make sure that they are protected.”

In all honesty, this is a bad look for the WBC. At this point, the famed sanctioning body seems to be more in the way of the sport than aiding it. This has come in the form of their confusing and largely pointless “Franchise” belt that has caused total chaos and confusion within the lightweight division specifically.


Even their Clean Boxing Program has become increasingly suspect in their true motives. Yet, there is no better example of them ignoring their own rules than when they gave the green light to WBC super featherweight champion Oscar Valdez to compete against Robeson Conceicao. It was a complete mockery because Valdez was busted red-handed with PED’s in his system.

Despite fabricating a tale about some mysterious tea that provided the adverse results, neither Valdez, his team or the WBC has provided a reasonable explanation of how Valdez got that substance in his system. Regardless of this, Valdez was still allowed to compete, as a champion, as if nothing ever happened. To this day, the WBC champion has not even provided the alleged tea that he drank to create the whole situation.

This is precisely why it’s a bad look to have a very high profile fighter, who wears their belt, to criticize what should be a beautiful program. Sadly, the WBC is coming off more like a sham preacher looking to fatten the collection plate rather than provide real salvation to anyone. Therefore it will be interesting to see how and what WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has to say about these high-charged words.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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