Shields: “Shadasia Green Could Have Fought Me! She Didn’t Want To!”

Claressa Shields: "She Could Have Fought Me At 175!"

Collage of Claressa Shields and Shadasia Green
Claressa Shields | Shadasia Green

Shields Blames Green For Not Fighting Her Earlier

Three-time undisputed champion, Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (14-0, 2KO), has made a surprising revelation about top super middleweight challenger Shadasia “The Sweet Terminator” Green (12-0, 11KO). She claims the knockout artist turned down the opportunity to fight her.

It all started after Savannah Marshall’s victory for the undisputed super middleweight crown over Franchon Crews-Dezurn on July 1. Shields, who defeated Marshall in 2022, was called out by her arch-nemesis, but decided to step aside and allow Green the chance to fight for the undisputed crown.


During an interview with The Weigh In Boxing, Shields dropped a bombshell by detailing how they could have already fought.

“I wanna be clear about something. Me and Shadasia Green could have been fought. Me and Shadasia was both signed to Mark Taffit.

“They were saying that they would give her the opportunity to fight Hannah Gabriels. If after she fought Hannah Gabriel, she could fight me at 175 for the titles. She didn’t want to do that.”

Claressa Shields – Undisputed Middleweight Champion

The three-time undisputed champion was adamant that she’s willing to fight Green at any weight division.

“Whatever weight she wants to fight at, rather it’s 68 or 60 right after Savannah Marshall or before.”

Claressa Shields

Green will get a chance at championship glory as the WBC has ordered the negotiation process to begin with team Marshall.

To be fair, there has never been any dialogue involving Green or Shields until recently, as the two women have been on different paths. Yet, it seems they could be heading toward a collision course down the line.

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