Cobbs To Rocha: “Thanks For Being That Stupid To Fight Blair The Flair!”

Blair the Flair Almost Guarantees Alexis Rocha Takes the "L"

Blair Cobbs squares off with Alexis Rocha
Blair Cobbs squares off with Alexis Rocha

Blair Cobbs Thanks Alexis Rocha for his Stupidity

During his next tour of duty, Golden Boy welterweight fighter Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (15-0-1, 10 KO’s) will face the challenge of Alexis “Lex” Rocha (18-1, 12 KO’s). The two will collide under the hots lights of the USC Galen Center located in Los Angeles, Californian on the Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Michael McKinson undercard. Like any professional fighter, Cobbs is first happy just to have a fight date secured. Aside from that however, Flair is tickled by what he describes as Rocha’s stupidity.

“When I go up to him and I see him, I’m going to let him know, ‘thank you but you made a mistake’. Thank you very much for being that stupid, to fight Blair the Flair! Why? Because you gave Blair the Flair the opportunity to be great once again.”


For anyone who has had any dealings or exposure to Blair Cobbs, it’s well known that he is an extreme personality. Without question, he believes in himself and has high ambitions for his future. Currently, Cobbs is not ranked in the top 15 of any of the four major sanctioning bodies but this clearly has not dampened his self-image whatsoever. Despite this fact, Flair is bold in his assertion that he’d be in favor of his fellow up and coming fighters staging a tournament for the privilege of facing him at the end!

“I would support a tournament to fight me because I have already been through it! I would support a tournament to fight the Blair the Flair! When I get to the top of the league, I would support a tournament to fight Blair the Flair. Why, because I have already been through the fire. I want to see them go through the fire first.”

Obviously, such a tournament will not take place, but first let’s see what Cobbs can do with Rocha first. Ironically, Rocha is ranked as he holds the #11 (IBF) standing. It will be revealing to see how well Flair navigates the dustup with Rocha, especially given the level of tough talk he is doing.

“I can imagine what Alexis Rocha is going through in his head. He might not win this fight! Matter of fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you are not going to win this fight!”

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By: Bakari Simpson

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