Confusion or Collusion Continues as WBA Prez Says Canelo Is Innocent & Not Being Treated Fair

Is Canelo Still Credible?

Confusion or Collusion continues?

With the news of Canelo Alvarez’ temporary suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission coming out Friday evening everyone is in a hurry to get the next “sound bite” or statement from all parties involved. Of course this includes the sanctioning bodies.

Yesterday, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman came out and said he was shocked by the announcement. This is after being supportive of Alvarez and being shocked at Gennady Golovkin’s outrage over the incident.

Not to be outdone, WBA President Gilberto Mendoza made his statement earlier and of course he to is supportive of Canelo. Not just supportive but he believes Alvarez is innocent and don’t know why the NSAC is doing this to him.

“I was a little surprised about the Nevada decision. I am positive that Canelo is innocent because he’s had a long career where he never had any positive results. Some strange things have been raised this week, where GGG is talking about [Canelo’s] muscles, about injections,” Mendoza told ESPN Deportes.

”With respect to the Commission, I think they had to handle it immediately, I’m very pleased that a test result of mid-February, was analyzed later that month. I feel that it’s a little unfair that they make a hearing on April 10 because Canelo had been negative in the subsequent drug results, with the last one done on March 17.

“I think that the due process of the commission was to attack the case immediately. Why? Because it seems they are reacting to the comments of Canelo and Golovkin from the prior week, but I do not understand this because if the commission already has the drug test results that came after the adverse result of Canelo, so why are they mentioning a temporary suspension…. they could [make a decision on all of this] privately. Why raise this publicly, to say that they are going to make a temporary suspension when it’s just as easy to make a definitive suspension. If they have enough evidence [to make a decision], it seems strange, strange to me.”

Here’s a concept Mr WBA, how about standing behind your champion or at least remaining neutral. We’ve got previous articles covering this topic over the last few days that well documents our stance here so I won’t go on and on repeating the fallacies in this situation, all I can do is say WOW…


By: Chris Henderson