Jermall Charlo Goes On Epic Rant About Broner, Tank and More

Middleweight contender unleashes onInstagram

Well, well if things didn’t all of a sudden get very interesting in regards to the upcoming Showtime card, headlined by Adrien Broner on April 21st. And, nope it wasn’t Broner that done it! Although his name was mentioned quite frequently by the fighter set to compete in the co-feature that night, Jermall Charlo.

Charlo went live, late last night on Instagram. That in itself was no big deal but the epic rant he went on was:

“Y’all motherf***ers coming to see me fight. Ain’t nobody coming to see Adrien Broner fight. I didn’t want to be on that f***ing card. You think I wanted to be on that f***ing card? No. I’m being real. I didn’t want to be on Adrien Broner’s card again,” Charlo said.

“I’m a curse to Adrien Broner. Every time I’m on his f***ing card he lose. Then its Hispanic vs. Black, and I fight a Hispanic. I still do what I gotta do, but this motherf***er don’t do what he gotta do. The main event look like sh*t, the event don’t get no recognition.. No, I don’t want to be on f***ing Adrien Broner’s card. I’m sorry, I’m just speaking facts.”

Charlo didn’t stop there as he went in on Gervonta “Tank” Davis, who is also on the same card, as well:

“Tank, that little n*gga ain’t fought nobdody. He with Mayweather and ain’t fought nobody. If Adrien Broner don’t win this fight, guess what happens to him? He’s deleted. See ya, deleted. This little fat Tank motherf***er, he think he Mayweather.

“I read the tweets and the comments [from Davis], he’s mad because they moved me to the card and him and Adrien Broner is supposed to take over. I’m sorry n*gga that my opponent got a broken rib. I gotta fight him on your card so that means your TV time is cut short. Stop playing with me n*gga, because every time I see you – you ain’t really about that sh*t…. you dumb, slow, stuttering motherf***er. And I f*** with Baltimore – what. Stop playing with me little n*gga, because you will never be Floyd Mayweather.”

Welp! There you have it! I guess security detail at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn just doubled up for April 21st…..

Charlo also mentioned Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, Danny Jacobs and of course “bad meat”.

By: Chris Henderson