Conor Benn: “Kell Brook Or Chris Eubank Would Be My Warm-up!”

Conor Benn Wants a Serious Challenge in his Return Fight

Conor Benn says he needs no warm-up for his return
Conor Benn says he needs no warm-up for his return | credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing, Lawrence Lustig

Conor Benn Convinced He Needs No Warm-up Fights For Return

Thankfully, welterweight fighter Conor “The Destroyer” Benn (21-0, 14 KO’s) can finally release a huge sigh of relief. This is because the UK born bruiser was cleared of any wrongdoing by UKAD after a year long investigation. Prior to his last scheduled match with Chris Eubank Jr., The Destroyer was flagged for PED’s and suspended from fighting in his homeland. From the very beginning, Benn professed his innocence and vowed to prove his virtue. As the recently vindicated pugilist explained on Matchroom Boxing, not only was the experience mentally taxing but financially oppressive.

“I’ve just gone through so many emotions throughout all this – from angry, to bitter to resentful to anxious, it’s been just a whirlwind of emotions . . . because this has cost me a ton of money! And I was willing to spend every last penny I had on proving my innocence. I was willing to spend every last cent on proving my innocence and I’ve been vindicated for the second time.”


The forced time away from the sport has only served to sharpen Benn’s hunger for battle. It has been roughly fifteen months since his last bout versus Chris Van Heerden and he is ready for action. Paying the time away from the ring little mind, The Destroyer is adamant that he needs no tune-ups, just willing opposition.

“I don’t need no warm-up; Kell Brook would be my warm-up, [Chris] Eubank will be my warm-up. I don’t need no warm-up . . . all I need is sparring to get my timing right. I’ve been working, I’ve been crushing it in the gym.”

Fights with either Brook or Eubank would make for fun rivalry bouts as Benn has traded words with both. As earlier mentioned, The Destroyer and Eubank Jr. were officially scheduled to clash before Benn’s UKAD’s woes began. At the moment though, Eubank is slated to rematch Liam Smith on September 2, so Benn will have to wait on that one. Brook, on the other hand, appears to be wide open to make good on his threats of returning to the ring.

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