Benn Dominates Dobson; Ammo Williams Wins By KO In Seven!

Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson Card Recap

Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson card winners
Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson card winners | credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Conor Benn and Ammo Williams Earn Stateside Victories!

In his second fight in America, welterweight fighter Conor “The Destroyer” Benn (23-0, 14 KO’s) toppled a gritty antagonist in Peter “Pistol Pete” Dobson (16-1, 9 KO’s) by way of unanimous decision.

As he promised, Benn launched out of his corner from the opening bell and landed heavy shots on Dobson’s head and rib cage. In particular, The Destroyer found a cozy home for his looping overhand right. While was forced to absorb the greater damage, over the third and fourth rounds Dobson began showing signs of meaningful resistance.

During the fifth period, Dobson enjoyed a great deal of success by repeatedly spinning Benn’s head with hard right hands. The sixth, seventh and eighth rounds saw Benn open with blistering flurries only to fade and toil mightily with Pistol Pete for the remaining time.

To his credit, Pistol Pete never stopped trying or took his foot off the gas, but The Destroyer began pulling away over the tenth and eleventh rounds. For the final round, the two went to war in the center of the ring and saw each clobber the other. Dobson would prove his durability by eating a bevy of clean, hurtful hooks and uppercuts on the chin.

When all was said and done however, Conor Benn was awarded the win by unanimous decision to the tune of 119-109 and 118-110 (twice).


In his first fight of the year, middleweight contender Austin “Ammo” Williams (16-0, 11 KO’s) picked up his latest win. Ammo, ranked #3 WBA, #5 WBC and #6 IBF, accomplished this by outclassing, out working and stopping late-replacement fighter Armel “Kingenforme” Mbumba-Yassa (10-1, 7 KO’s) by way of seventh round knockout.

From the outset of the clash, Williams fell into a good rhythm of standing his ground, unleashing smooth combinations and then getting out of Dodge. As he did not sell out on any particular shot, Ammo’s game plan was definitely to nibble at the edges to wear Kingenforme down. For his part, the Congolese boxer was resigned to landing random, lonely shots from time to time.

In the fifth round, Mbumba-Yassa was seemingly hurt but did not go down. Williams corrected this by planting Kingenforme on the canvas with a withering body assault in the sixth. Then in the seventh, while caught backing straight up with his down, Williams coldcocked Mbumba-Yassa with a crunching straight left that flattened him to his back.

After seeing his limp condition, referee Harvey Dock counted the vanquished Congolese boxer out and awarded Williams the win. The only real critique for Williams on the night was his apparently mindless circling around the ring when not formally engaged.

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