Crawford Dismisses Tank: “I Wouldn’t Say That It Would Happen”

Tank Davis Believes He Flattens Bud at 147!

Terence Crawford dismisses talk of facing Tank Davis at 147
Terence Crawford dismisses talk of facing Tank Davis at 147

Terence Crawford Dismisses Tank Davis On KO Claims at 147

In his last bout, welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (40-0, 31 KO’s) emphatically defeated Errol Spence Jr to become the undisputed king of the division. With such a dynamic win under his belt, it’s only natural that the three division champion is the talk of the town. While under this spotlight, several other fighters have staked their claim to how they would deal with Crawford. One of the latest is Regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (29-0, 27 KO’s). As reported on the Breakfast Club, Davis was heard to say that he’d knock out Bud in his own 147-pound backyard.

“At 147, if I tap that chin, you know he going to sleep! You know he don’t got no chin. I got round six.”

Gervonta Davis, WBA Regular lightweight champion


For several reasons, there is no need to put a great deal of hope into a Crawford versus Davis fight ever being contracted. To begin, Crawford is likely going to rematch Spence in his next duel which is forecasted to take place at 154-pound. To go one step further, when recently appearing on the Hot 97, Crawford aired his thoughts on the gap in weight being too extreme to genuinely entertain.

“Yea, Tank is at a lower weight class than me. He is at 135, I’m at 147; That’s two weight classes apart. I would never go down. I wouldn’t say that it would happen.”

Terence Crawford, undisputed welterweight champion

Aside from the formidable leap in weight and previous contractual obligations, Bud is already eyeing his exit from the sport. With this being the case, the Nebraska native is looking to make nothing but the biggest fights that he can sign. Facing a guy even as popular as Tank, who is two divisions his junior, does not seem to fit the bill of what Crawford is hunting for.


Tank’s statement is also bold because one of the biggest knocks on Davis is the fact that he and his team seemingly all but refuse to face top tier opposition. In his last bout, Tank fought the immensely popular yet largely unproven Ryan Garcia. Before that, Tank tangled with Hector Garcia who was jumping up in weight himself while riding the momentum of an upset victory over super featherweight Chris Colbert. And before Garcia, the Baltimore native laced up the gloves to duel the near universally dismissed class clown, Rolando Romero.

Given these last three opponents, a match against Crawford would prove to be a staggering elevation in talent and ability. If taking his laid-back, subdued demeanor into account, it’s unlikely that Bud will add any further comment to this situation. It will be interesting to see if Tank continues to talk about Crawford and who he selects to dance with next. Thankfully, no matter who either man challenges himself with next, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news.

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