Terence Crawford: “Bob Arum Doesn’t Promote Me The Same!”

Terence Crawford insists that he has the best ratings in the Top Rank stable

Terence Crawford (left), Bob Arum
Terence Crawford (left), Bob Arum

Terence Crawford insists that he has the best ratings in the Top Rank stable

When veteran promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank effectively labeled WBO world welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (37-0, 28 KO’s) a financial liability, he set the boxing media on fire. Ever since his statements became public they have remained a leading story in most boxing circles. Few knew how, or even if, Crawford would respond, but now he has.

In an interview conducted on the Ak and Barak Show, Bud voiced his displeasure with the harsh sentiments. To begin, the WBO champ voiced his stance that as a fighter it is not his job to promote fights. This has been a regular talking point of his.

“That’s not my job, I’m not a promoter! What am I? I’m a fighter, I get paid to fight! I don’t get paid to promote, he get paid to promote. That’s why he is my promoter, he is supposed to promote me. When you look at someone saying, ‘oh he is hard to promote.’ Why? Because he doesn’t promote me like he promotes everyone else!”

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Going a step further, Crawford highlights that even with a perceived lack of promotion, he still pulls in the highest numbers for Top Rank.

“I feel like if he had anything to say about me or anything he should have come to me. He should have said, ‘alright Terence let’s come up with a plan,’ or something. But you blatantly saying all this nonsense. Come on man, ain’t nobody in your stable doing numbers like I am doing, nobody! Not even your prima donnas that you put so much promotion and everything into. Them mothafuckas not doing nothing compared to me, so I just laugh.”

And, just like any top employee that feels slighted or underappreciated, Bud let it be known if there was a problem, Arum can cut him immediately.

“Personally, if he feel that way, he can release me now. He can just release me. If he feel like I am not an asset to his company then you can release me right now. You don’t have to wait until after a Spence fight. Why do you have to wait until after a Spence fight? Release me now and you don’t have to lose any money if I am such of a loss, a headache.”

At this point, it will be very compelling to see what comes out of this tense working relationship next!

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