John Riel Casimero v Guillermo Rigondeaux Possible In 2021

John Riel Casimero And Guillermo Rigondeaux In Negotiations To Fight In Spring Of 2021

John Riel Casimero (left), Guillermo Rigondeaux
John Riel Casimero (left), Guillermo Rigondeaux

John Riel Casimero And Guillermo Rigondeaux In Negotiations To Fight In Spring Of 2021

For the last year, WBO World Bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero (30-4, 21 KOs) has been calling for a significant fight against a big-name opponent at 118-pounds. He had hoped it would be against unified IBF/WBA ‘Super’ World Bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue (20-0, 17 KOs).

His dream fight against the superstar from Japan has yet to happen. However, the 33-year-old from Ormoc City, Philippines may still end up facing a prominent name at bantamweight regardless. Although, it may not be against the man he desires to fight the most.

According to Miami, Florida based publication El Nuevo Herald, negotiations are currently taking place for a fight between Casimero and current WBA ‘Regular’ World Bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (20-1, 13 KOs).

Speaking to Memo Heredia, coach of Casimero, a proposed bout between his world champ and Rigondeaux could take place in either March or April of 2021 and is a fight that his team wants.

“It would be a tremendous fight that everyone would like. John and Guillermo would bring a tremendous clash of styles. From what I’ve been told, the talks are on the right track.

Casimero has skills and punch, a lethal combination. He’s in the Philippines now, but I want him back here in January to start a good camp en route to the fight against Rigondeaux, who can’t be gifted anything for his experience and expertise.”


Were this fight to happen, it would be intriguing because of the contrast in styles and where both men stand, as far as their careers. What you could potentially have is a fascinating classic matchup of styles between the aggressiveness and power of the Filipino Casimero versus the skilled and calculated Cuban.

Following an upset win over Zolani Tete (28-4, 21 KOs) to win the WBO world 118-pound belt in November 2019, along with the impressive destruction of Duke Micah (24-1, 19 KOs) in September 2020 (a bout that was aired live on Showtime), Casimero has reached new heights in his career.

Despite all of his accomplishments, which include winning three world titles in three different weight divisions (light flyweight, flyweight, and bantamweight) he is arguably more popular now than ever. And his manner in which he has regularly trolled Inoue is about as entertaining as it gets. A fight against the fighter known as “Rigo” would be a great notch on his proverbial boxing belt.

For Rigondeaux, the 40-year-old is at the tail end of this career. Despite his advanced age, his skills are still sharp. The grizzled vet can fight and is still capable of giving any fighter fits at either 118 or 122-pounds.

The interesting thing that both have in common is that each wants a fight against Inoue, who is the hot name when it comes to the smaller-weight fighters. That is not going to happen right now. If neither can get in the ring with “Monster” from Japan right now, the next best thing would be for them to fight one another.

Fans of the sport’s “Little Big Men” would be interested in this bout, especially if it happens and is televised in the United States on Showtime, for instance. And the winner would put themselves in a better position to face the man they want the most: Inoue.

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By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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