Crews-Dezurn on Jimenez: “I Just Don’t Feel Safe. My Life Was at Risk”

Franchon Crews Dezurn Wants Belt Back With No Rematch!

Franchon Crews-Dezurn (left), Alejandra Jimenez
Franchon Crews-Dezurn (left), Alejandra Jimenez

Franchon Crews-Dezurn Wants Belt Back With No Rematch!

On January 11, former WBC and WBO super middleweight Franchon Crews-Dezurn (6-2, 2 KO’s) engaged in something of an instant classic with Mexican born Alejandra “La Tigre” Jimenez (13-0-1, 9 KO’s). The thrilling fight had numerous switches in momentum, buckets of action and even gave birth to the now infamous ‘fuck that hair’ moment!

Ultimately, the bout concluded with a bitterly-sour split decision loss for Crews-Dezurn. Although, in the days to follow the grudge-match, it was revealed by VADA that Jimenez failed a random drug test. The specific chemical elements that led to the flagged sample were not disclosed. So, momentarily, what will happen with Jimenez and her two newly acquired belts is way up in the air.


Since the newly discovered controversy has been slathered over the memorable action fight, Crews-Dezurn has taken the time to respond. In one such interview, conducted the Shooting the Five with Xavier Porter, the former champ expressed her desire to have her hardware returned.

She also shared the fact that, due to fearing for her life and having already extended two opportunities, she possessed zero desire to face La Tigre in the ring again.

“I’m just hoping that proper protocol is followed. VADA did their job in making sure that it was a clean bout and I’m very happy about that. On her side, that’s her issue. Her and her team have to do whatever they have to do to prove that they are clean but for me, I’m just hoping that I can move forward positively and still be recognized as the world champion and clean athlete.”

“[on facing Jimenez again] I don’t think so, this is the second opportunity that I gave her. We were supposed to fight back in September, her ‘visa’ [was not available]. Now, with this and her test coming back positive, I just don’t feel safe. My life was at risk and I gave her opportunities, my life is not going to stop because of her.”


Clearly Crews-Dezurn does not feel as if she owes Jimenez anything in terms of mixing it up again. Reinforcing this resolve is the myriad of emotions that she was hit with when it became public knowledge that La Tigre popped dirty.

“When everything hit the fan on the night that they announced that the test came back positive, it really unlocked the door for a lot of emotions because I knew in my heart it was a different type of fight. But to have that validated, it just kind of opened emotion. It was like ‘wow,’ it kind of put things in perspective. I could have really lost my life. I was ringside when one of the fighters died last year, so I had to put that into perspective.”

While things are not looking beneficial for La Tigre at the moment, we will all just have to wait to see what happens in this process.

Recently, Dillian Whyte was flagged by UKAD with a banned substance. Following that, a whole segment of the boxing world felt that he would get hit with something serious. In the end however, Whyte escaped the situation largely unscathed. This is why it would not be wise to rush to any assumed outcome here.

Regardless of the end result, 3kingsboxing will be on hand to report all the latest updates.

By: Bakari Simpson

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