David Benavidez To Jermall Charlo: “What’s The Problem?! Let’s Fight!”

David Benavidez Itching To Get Jermall Charlo In The Ring!

David Benavidez (left), Jermall Charlo
David Benavidez (left), Jermall Charlo

David Benavidez says Jermall Charlo bout is a grudge match and good business

Within the rough and rugged world of professional fighting, trash talk is common place. Yet, just because its ordinary does not mean that it is tolerated well. Such was the case when WBC World Middleweight champion Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo (31-0, 22 KO’s) spoke ill of super middleweight David “Red Flag” Benavidez (23-0, 20 KO’s). Since 2020, both men have shown interest in facing one another. However, it was Charlo who supplied the instigating graphic imagery.

When asked about a dustup with Benavidez, not only did Charlo insist that he would win, he promised to break his neck. Unsurprisingly, Red Flag did not take too kindly to the open threat and promise of mutilation. Upon hearing the harsh harangue, the talented Arizonan was more adamant about staging the prizefight than ever before.


Red Flag believes that it is one thing to say something, but it is a whole different matter backing up those words. Yet, as he recently told to Fight Hype, he would love to give Charlo his chance to do so! Sadly, the more that Benavidez appears interested in the duel, the more potential hurdles Hit Man adds to the equation.

“If he wants me to go get vaccinated, I’ll go get vaccinated just for him! I mean I never said anything about Jermall Charlo. The only thing I said was I would love to get in a fight with him and then he went and did an interview with Boxing Sweet Science. He said he’ll knock me out, he’ll break my neck, something like that bro. And I am not going to let no one talk to me like that. So if you’re telling me some words like that, you better be ready to fight me!

You better be ready to back that up in the ring. So I say my stuff, I go at him too. What now? I need a COVID vaccine, I need to be twenty-five and older, I need proof of GED. And now he doesn’t even want to come up to 168, he wants to do a catch-weight! Like I didn’t say I wanted to do a catch-weight, I didn’t say I wanted to go down! You said that you wanted to come up to 168, so now what’s the problem?!”


Provided they do sign official fight contracts, Benavidez believes that it would be a great move for everyone involve.

“I would want to get Jermall Charlo in there, that’s the one fight that I want to get and hopefully we can still make it happen. You know he said he can knock me out so he better back those words up. Especially for the fans, I feel like that could be a pay-per-view fight. He has a high KO percentage, I have a high KO percentage, so let’s make this fight happen! Let’s give the fans what they want! And at the end of the day it’s good for PBC. So it makes sense, so let’s make it happen!”

Only time will tell how this all plays out. Yet, no matter the outcome, 3kingsboxing will be there to report the news.

By: Bakari Simpson

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