Persoon On Taylor II: “I Hope She Wants A Fight But I Don’t Think She Will”

Delfine Persoon Is Hoping For A War With Kati Taylor In A Rematch!

Delfine Persoon lands a right hook on Katie Taylor
Delfine Persoon lands a right hook on Katie Taylor.

Delfine Persoon: “Let’s Show That Two Women Can Have a Spectacular Fight!”

Ever since losing a hotly disputed contest to Undisputed Women’s Lightweight champion Katie Taylor (15-0, 6 KOs) in 2019, former WBC champion Delfine Persoon (44-2, 18 KO’s) has been salivating for a rematch.

On August 22 at the Matchroom Fight Camp, the warrior from Belgium gets her chance at redemption and revenge.

Persoon’s displeasure from their first battle was not only with the judge’s scorecards but with Taylor and how she fought. After the fight, the rough and rugged Belgian accused her adversary of grabbing and running. She echoed that sentiment during a recent interview with Sky Sports.

“If we had rounds of three minutes it would be better for me. I know she wouldn’t box with me for three minutes. She will run.

“In the first fight, there was a lot of holding, holding, holding. In another country, they would tell you ‘Don’t hold’ then take away a point. But they never spoke about her holding me.

“Ten rounds of running with one or two punches is not a fight that people want to see.”

A police officer in her native Belgium during her time away from the ring, the 35-year old strongly feels she out-worked and outfought Taylor and did more than enough to have her hands raised in victory.

Not the better fighter from a technical standpoint, Persoon knows she has to bring the fight to her opponent for the rematch. She just hopes Taylor doesn’t implore a similar strategy that she faced in their previous fight. The former 130-pounds world champ wants action.

“I hope she wants a nice fight; two boxers to go for it and the best boxer wins. Let’s show that two women can have a spectacular fight, but I don’t think she will.

“Technically she is a very good boxer and better than me. But this isn’t three rounds of three minutes, it isn’t amateur boxing. This is pro fighting. This is 10 rounds of two minutes. Punch, run away, punch, run away. People want to see two boxers blocking shots, answering back.

“Technically she is better than me, I know this. But this is pro fighting, not amateur. Physically we have to go for 10 rounds.”

This rematch came about after negotiations for a fight between Taylor and Women’s world Featherweight champion Amanda Serrano failed. Knowing that she kind of fell into this opportunity, Persoon is hell-bent on leaving no doubts this time around.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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