Shields: “Don’t Disrespect Me; I’ll Never Fight On A Jake Paul Undercard”

Claressa Shields demands her respect and refuses to fight on a Jake Paul undercard

Three-divisional unified champion Claressa Shields, YouTuber Jake Paul looking shocked
Claressa Shields (left), Jake Paul

Claressa Shields demands her respect and refuses to fight on a Jake Paul undercard

The self-proclaimed GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All-Time) Claressa “T-rex” Shields has never been shy about voicing her opinion. Any time, any where, she will say what is on her mind. This was on full display at the Professional Fight League press conference to promote her upcoming fight with Abigail Montes. She was very candid when asked about fighting on the undercard of Youtuber Jake Paul.


In 2020, Shields signed with PFL, sending shockwaves throughout the boxing community. The GWOAT has always maintained the desire to fight in the MMA, and she even won her first MMA match via stoppage. Outside of being a well-accomplished boxer, T-rex plays second fiddle to no one. So it should not come as a surprise that she expressed feeling disrespected when asked to fight on the undercard of a Paul fight.

“Don’t ever disrespect me. I will never fight on an undercard of Jake Paul. I am a three-time division world champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist in boxing. I will never fight on the undercard of Jake Paul. Before I get on the undercard of a guy that is having a circus show, no disrespect to Tyron Woodley, no disrespect to Jake Paul, but, I’m a real boxer. I can beat up Jake Paul at the weight class I am at right now. So no, I will never fight on the undercard of someone that does not possess the skills or accomplishments that I have.”


Shields sounded off as she should have. However, she left a lot of meat on that bone, so this author wants to eat some of the leftovers. T-rex (11-0, 2ko) is a three-divisional unified champion, two-divisional undisputed champion, and accomplished all that in under 12 fights. Furthermore, she has always been the main attraction in any event that hosted her name on the banner, including her first MMA bout.

The GWOAT is not going to play second fiddle to anyone that is not on the same level or above. Shields has expressed being able to beat up the Youtuber in the past. In 2020, Paul scored a meme-style knockout of basketball player Nate Robinson. Afterward, fans took to social media claiming that he could compete with actual fighters.

“Man, I’d beat the hell out of Jake Paul! He better stick to fighting you tubers as basketball players! Leave us real fighters alone!” – Claressa Shields

When Hall of Fame fighter Floyd Mayweather fought the older brother, Logan Paul, Shields would double down on fighting the younger Paul.

“I’ll beat up little brother Jake Paul for the culture!”

Whether people agree or disagree with what she had to say, one thing is for certain. No one can deny she has the accolades to feel disrespected about being asked to fight on anyone’s undercard.

By: Garrisson Bland

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