Wilder Loses His Fighting Fire?: “A Lot Has Calmed Me Down”

Deontay Wilder Could Be Heading Toward Retirement

Deontay Wilder On The Way To Possible Retirement Credit: Neville Elder/Getty Images
Deontay Wilder On The Way To Possible Retirement Credit: Neville Elder/Getty Images

Deontay Wilder Has Possibly Lost The Hunger To Keep Fighting

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (43-3-1, 42KO) is no longer the hungry fighter we once knew, signaling a potential exit from the ring.

During the buildup for the Day of Reckoning showdown with Joseph Parker, Wilder was adamant that fans shouldn’t blink because the fight would end by knockout. Despite not securing the stoppage, the former champion hardly came close to landing that devastating right hand.

As talks of a major showdown with two-time unified champion Anthony Joshua circulated, Wilder fell short against one-time WBO champion Parker. The New Zealander did an excellent job of staying away from the right, as instructed by his best friend, WBC champion Tyson Fury. In addition, he bullied the hard-punching fighter from Alabama for the majority of the fight.


Whenever a fighter is content with life, retirement from the ring often follows. During the post-fight interview, Wilder’s comments may indicate that the end of the road has arrived.

“I’ve done a great job of managing my money and investing. I’m a happy fighter… I’m a warrior; I’ll be back soon, and if not, then it’s been an enjoyment. It’s been a pleasure, and I appreciate everybody the love and support they’ve been giving me for over the years.”

If that statement wasn’t enough, his comment sealed the deal when asked if he still had that fire.

“I don’t know. A lot has calmed me down… I’ve found a lot of peace in my life; I’ve found a lot of happiness in my life.”

When a fighter is unsure of what the future holds or doesn’t know if they still have that hunger, is doomed to walk away. At 38 years old, Wilder is no different, as it’s clear he has lost the luster and can no longer pull the trigger.

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