Derrick James: “Castaño Is That Guy That Will Make Jermell Be His Best!”

Will a calmer Jermell Charlo be a deadlier Jermell Charlo?

Derrick James (Chief second to Jermell Charlo), WBO World super welterweight champion Brian Castaño
Derrick James (left), Brian Castaño

Will a calmer Jermell Charlo be a deadlier Jermell Charlo?

Traditionally speaking, the Charlo twins have not been the most media friendly boxers around. In many instances they are openly antagonistic with reporters and have even created their YouTube channel Ring Side with the Lions. The whole purpose of this channel was to communicate with their fans while bypassing the formal media machine. So it’s no wonder that the new demeanor of WBA Super, IBF and WBC World super welterweight champion Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (34-1, 18 KO’s) has escaped no one.

His spastic, over-agitated persona has sizzled away like a square of butter greasing a breakfast skillet. In its place, Iron Man has assumed a laid-back, jovial and rather articulate demeanor. Some might wonder if this seemingly more carefree character will be a detriment in the ring. On July 17, he will dance with WBO World super welterweight champion Brian “El Boxi” Castaño (17-0-1, 12 KO’s) to determine the undisputed king of the division. Perhaps now is not the proper time to turn down the volume on his aggression.


Ultimately, his chief second Derrick James views this transition as a beneficial evolution as he told Fight Hype. Having put in the work to right what he believed to be a grievous wrong has had a transformative effect on Charlo.

“Everybody saw that, right? And then they saw that he is really real about what he is doing. And I think that his dedication, determination and all the things that he did, that really kind of boosted [him]. Everybody saw they thought he got a bad deal the first time [against Tony Harrison], but he rectified that. So it was all about his dedication and motivation and his desire to be great.”


Will Charlo be able to debilitate and flatten Castaño in grand fashion? Or, will El Boxi pirate away Charlo’s trio of belts with smothering pressure and clever boxing? Only time will tell how the professional violence ultimately unfolds in the ring. Yet, if you listen to Team Charlo, the new tranquil Iron Man is programmed for methodical brutality. So come Saturday night, they’re confident that they’ll outthink, scuff-up and strong arm Brian Castaño for the last remaining WBO title. Regardless of how that historical fight concludes, 3kingsboxing will be there to report the news.

“It’s no might to it, he is that guy. He is that particular guy that will make Jermell be his best because he’s going to do some stuff, some things that, ‘hey man, you’re going to have to be great or better to deal with that!’”

By: Bakari Simpson

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