Devin Haney: “Other Fighters Thank Al Haymon! I Thank Bill Haney!”

Devin Haney on Relationship with Father

Bill and Devin Haney
Bill and Devin Haney

Devin Haney on Relationship with Father

It’s no secret that the sport of boxing is filled with very real physical, financial and legal perils. Tales revolving around fighters getting damaged or killed in the ring, cheated by crooked representation or maneuvered into obscurity could fill the world’s largest library.

Although grim and humorless, it’s basically a running joke that a staggering number of boxers return to the sport long after having reached their ‘sell by date’. That is largely due to the mishandling of their money directly due to financial incompetence. This is why the relationship that Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15 KO’s) and his father Bill Haney enjoy is such a remarkable and impressive partnership.


As it stands now, 21-year-old Devin Haney is one of youngest champions in the sport. When he got his promoters license at age 19, he became the youngest promoter in the industry. While impressive, these feats were made possible by the many early sacrifices made by Bill Haney.

Having recognized his son’s talent, and believing wholeheartedly in his future potential, Bill did everything he could to prepare his son for a life in the combat industry. He moved from Oakland to Las Vegas, and even took the Dream down to Mexico so he could get an early jump on his professional career.

Aside from training Devin’s body and skill-set, Bill made sure to educate him on the legal and financial aspect of the game. This is what led to the two of them forming a promotional company in the first place. Now that he is financially secure, the WBC world lightweight champion (currently in recess), and a successful promoter, Devin is immensely thankful and proud of his father. A fact that he relishes in expressing.

“First of all, if it wasn’t for me and my dad, I wouldn’t even be boxing! My dad is the first person that took me the gym and taught me how to throw my first jab. And for two, me and my dad got a company. We got a whole company, so of course we are going to talk it out and strategize on what’s best for Devin Haney and Haney Promotions, of course!”


Due to the success that he and his father have achieved, Devin Haney is not surprised that some in the industry take issue with their union. Not that he cares! Being as proud as he is of their accomplishments, Haney is only too happy to shower his father in praise and recognition.

Like the small army of fighters in the PBC do for the notoriously generous Al Haymon, the Dream revels in shouting his pops out during his post-fight interviews.

“But nobody says nothing when these guys go and thank Al [Haymon]. Listen, I thank God first and then I thank my dad. These guy go and they thank Al Haymon and they praise Al Haymon, and nobody say nothing. And no disrespect to Al, you know Al put these guys in position of course and all that…

He [his father] stayed down with me and I stayed down with him and they hate to see it! Because they want us to fall out and they want it to go bad, so they could say ‘I told you so’ but it ain’t going to happen.”


Even better than the professional success that they have shared, Bill and Devin enjoy a very healthy friendship. And that is a critical element that seriously strengthens their connection when navigating the savage waters of the boxing industry.

“But one thing also, it’s bigger than boxing. Me and my dad, we do this shit every day, it’s not for boxing. My dad is my manager, he my coach, but we also go to the club together, we go party together you know what I’m saying?! Like this is really us, we are not faking for nobody. We go to work but we also, when it’s time to have fun, we also do that too.”

Let’s just hope that this motivating and positive unit can continue being successful and inspirational to other fighters currently in and coming up in the industry.

By: Bakari Simpson

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