Devin Haney: “Rolly Romero Is Next Level SHITTY”

Devin Haney mocks Rolly Romero after victory comments

Rolando Romero (left), Devin Haney
Rolando Romero (left), Devin Haney

Devin Haney mocks Rolly Romero after victory comments

The lightweight division is rich with talent and potential high-profile championship-caliber fights. WBA interim champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (13-0, 11ko) believes he belongs in that conversation. However, WBC champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (25-0, 15ko) is not buying that at all.

In 2020, there was a huge social media war of words between these two fighters. Ironically, they both share a common relationship with former pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

The WBC champion grew up in the Mayweather boxing gym and sees the 2021 Hall of Fame candidate as a mentor. For Rolly, his career is managed under the Mayweather Promotional banner.


Now, the interim champion has been calling for some of the top names in the division for a while, and he has really been turning up the heat when it comes to Haney. Rolly posted a picture of the WBC champion photoshopped to look like a woman, and he accused trainer/father Bill Haney of buying his son a victory in Mexico.

“Haney is the biggest bitch in boxing…. Daddy bought his fucking career! Daddy bought him a fucking win in Mexico that they raised the other motherfucker’s hand.”

Romero even criticized The Dream’s title defense performance against former unified champion Yuriokis Gamboa, calling it “The worst fight of the fucking year.” He also accused Haney of being “scared of an old ass man.”

Of course, the WBC champion was not about to let that go unanswered. He jumped on the opportunity to respond following a lackluster performance by Rolly against Jackson ‘El Fenix’ Marinez, calling it a “Bank Robbery.” Furthermore, he posted a sparring session video where it was clear the interim champion was not on his level.

Haney was just getting started. He once again went to social media to ask the fans if they really wanted to see him fight Rolly, and he laid out a serious verbal assault.

“Do y’all really want me to fight sorry ass Rolly? Like, he fucking sucks bro. He lost his last fight, first of all… That bitch is supposed to be 11-1 first of all… It will be an easy fight.”


Fast forward into 2021 and Haney once again released the Kraken on his divisional rival. Romero was extremely satisfied with his seventh-round stoppage performance against replacement fighter Avery Sparrow on January 23. He felt vindicated from the negative reaction of the boxing community about that awful performance against Marinez.

During a brief post-fight interview, the interim champion was asked if he was ready for the elite fighters in the division and his reply was as expected, “I been ready to fight the best.”

Of course, the WBC champion could not resist and dropped a tweet that made it clear what level his rival is on.

Devin Haney trashes Rolando Romero's boxing skills
Devin Haney trashes Rolando Romero’s boxing skills

By: Garrisson Bland

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