Dmitry Bivol’s Manager Responds To VADA Accusations

Bivol’s manager Kornilov says VADA is no problem

Earlier this week reported on the Sullivan Barrera and Dmitry Bivol fight and possible problems stemming from Bivol’s team’s hesitation to agree to VADA testing.

When we ran that article (link below) we weren’t able to get any comment on behalf of team Bivol. In our effort to remain as unbiased as possible we feel it is our duty to report from both teams perspective.

Sullivan Barrera Says No VADA, No Fight

Bivol’s manager Vadim Kornilov has sent made a statement in regards to the situation:

“No problem at all from our side! We were thinking of doing VADA testing initially, as I do with all my fighters like Ruslan, Viktor Postol, etc. Then the representatives of Barrera said that they are in the Clean Boxing Program with the WBC anyway, and they don’t want to pay anything extra for a specific VADA testing protocol. We are ready to do it and we have already sent in our VADA enrollment form for Bivol to VADA! We are actually thinking of doing year-round testing for Bivol and some of our other fighters to promote clean sport practices. I think Barrera and his team are trying to hype the fight, which is great. It will be one of the great fights in the division, one of the more meaningful fights this year!” told Michael Woods.

Let’s hope this puts a stop to the drama and boxing fans are treated to a spectacular fight on March 3rd at the Theater in Madison Square Garden.


By: Chris Henderson

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