Egis Klimas On Fury vs Ngannou: “Tyson Fury Is The Biggest Joke In Boxing”

Tyson Fury Draws Criticism From Klimas Over Ngannou Fight

Egis Klimas says Tyson Fury is a joke
Egis Klimas (L, GCT), Tyson Fury (Getty Images)

Egis Klimas Hits Tyson Fury for Fighting Francis Ngannou Instead of Usyk

The boxing world is scratching their heads at news of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (33-0-1, 24KO) fighting former UFC champion Francis Ngannou. Egis Klimas, manager to unified champion Oleksandr Usyk, took to social media and gave The Gypsy King a tongue lashing.

Egis Klimas says Tyson Fury is a joke

The announcement of Fury’s decision has not been met with unanimous approval among boxing fans. Many had eagerly anticipated a showdown between Fury and Usyk for the undisputed crown. Understandably, Klimas expressed his disappointment having previously raised hopes that the fight could take place no later than March 4.


In March, negotiations between Team Fury and Usyk dramatically unraveled, playing out in the public eye with both sides launching verbal attacks. The collapse of the talks can be traced back to Fury’s demand for a 70/30 split and the removal of a rematch clause, which Usyk had no objections to.

Fury has always been known for doing things his own way, regardless of public opinion. Therefore, the announcement of the fight with Ngannou should not come as a surprise. In fact, after a resounding victory over Dillian Whyte in April 2022, Fury invited Ngannou into the ring, hinting at a potential showdown.

Unsurprisingly, this matchup has sparked questions regarding the WBC’s position on the fight. Boxing fans are debating whether Fury should be stripped of his title for deviating from the expected path.

Amidst the speculation, the crucial question remains: Will Fury finally turn his attention to facing Usyk after the battle with Ngannou on October 28 in Saudi Arabia? Only time will tell whether Fury’s decision will pay off, and if he will eventually meet Usyk in the ring for a true clash of champions.

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