Francis Ngannou To Tyson Fury: “See You Soon”

Francis Ngannou to Face-off with The Gypsy King?!

Tyson Fury adn Francis Ngannou stand in the ring
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Will Tyson Fury Return for MMA Crossover Fight with Francis Ngannou?!

Following a four-year run fighting abroad, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (32-0-1, 23 KO’s) returned to an all UK bout in Wembley Stadium. In a prizefight that boasted a live audience toting 94,000 members, Fury took on the challenge of Dillian Whyte. After rather easily controlling the action from the outset, The Gypsy King brought the fight to a sudden close with one neck-wrenching right uppercut.

In the build-up to the dustup with Whyte, Fury said more than once that he was seriously considering hanging up his gloves. Then after the match, in the post-fight interview, the Gypsy King doubled-down on his desire to walk away from the sport. Feeling that he’s accomplished enough, and having made a promise to his wife to do so, now is the time to bow out.


In the end, there is no telling if Fury is going to actually retire or not. Two-time welterweight champion Shawn Porter just recently abruptly retired after his duel with Terence Crawford. On the flipside, long retired former super lightweight champion Ricky Hatton has announced that he will don the gloves one more time in a match with Marco Antonio Barrera. So, it really is a coin toss in relation to if The Gypsy King returns or not.

Fury entered the Whyte match coming off a destructive and successful trilogy with Deontay Wilder and then got the sensational knockout in the infamous Wembley Stadium. This would be a perfect time to blaze a new trail. If he did choose to stay however, The Gypsy King would be staring a bout for undisputed in the mouth versus the winner of the impending Oleksandr Usyk versus Anthony Joshua rematch.


The historic bout for undisputed is not Fury’s only palatable option though. The Gypsy King may also choose to shake up things and test his might with MMA superstar Francis Ngannou. In his realm, Ngannou is a knockout specialist and champion in his own regard who totes his own impressive following. Pairing the two big men together would almost certainly guarantee a financially successful event and sensational prefight buildup. Even better, the two have already flirted with the idea of going to war.

Francis Ngannou seeks a match with Tyson Fury

To stoke the flames of his potential fire, Ngannou took to his social media following the Fury versus Whyte bout and reaffirmed his interest. Obviously, at the moment there is no way to know what way this situation will land but it’s still fun to speculate. Yet, in the end, we’ll just have to see if life after fighting truly suits Fury or if the siren call of combat will lure The Gypsy King back into the ring. In either case, 3Kings Boxing will be there to report the news.

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