Emanuel Navarrete: “Naoya Inoue Is Docile And Soft”

Emanuel Navarrete seeking bout with Naoya Inoue

Emanuel Navarrete (left), Naoya Inoue
Emanuel Navarrete (left), Naoya Inoue

Emanuel Navarrete seeking bout with Naoya Inoue

When it comes to boxing’s Little Big Men, WBO Junior Featherweight champion Emanuel Navarrete (31-1, 27) has established himself as one of the best in the sport. Ever since he splashed on the scene upsetting Isaac Dogboe to win the title in December 2018, he has stormed through the opposition. Now, Navarrete is a favorite among hardcore heads because of his exciting style and power in both fists.

It has come to a point that many observers view the 25-year-old from San Juan Zitlaltepec, Mexico as the best in the world at 122lbs. And his promoters, Top Rank, are now heavily marketing him.

A growing young man, Navarrete has the frame to easily fight at a higher weight and plans to move up to the featherweight division soon. However, during an interview with A los Golpes on ESPN Deportes, he explained he plans to hold off a move up in weight because of a desire to fight one man: IBF/WBA “Super” World Bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue (19-0, 16 KOs).


And in terms of how he would fare against the Japanese superstar, the confident Mexican says he has more than enough to win. He even dared to suggest the fighter known as “Monster” is neither not as scary nor as tough as folks make him out to be.

“I would do well against Inoue, thanks to my ferocity and dedication. You guys saw Dogboe, which I can’t say is Inoue, but he was greatly feared at super bantamweight at the time and when I was told of the fight. I took on the challenge knowing he had flaws and shortcomings.

Inoue, with much respect, I do not see so many possibilities to beat me. I see him as very docile, soft. I don’t think he can take what Dogboe put up with, and so it’s like a bonus.

Inoue is fast and has good combinations, but Dogboe hit me and did not hurt me. Comparing them, I don’t give Inoue as many possibilities”.


The 122-pound champ went on to explain that a showdown against Inoue is the only reason he’s staying in the division. Frustrated at the inability to get a unification fight, Emanuel Navarrete feels a fight against someone universally regarded as one of the Top 5 Pound-For-Pound Fighters in the sport is what the fans want and it would be a great fight.

Calling a fighter as revered and respected as Naoya Inoue “soft” and “docile”, that’s what you call fighting words! Notably, both men have ties with Top Rank. Therefore, it would seem that on the surface, putting them in the ring could be done with relative ease.

In truth, a fight between the two would be a fantastic scrap. Both are exciting, skilled, and carry serious power. Hopefully all this tough talk from Navarette turns into a showdown, something that boxing fans would more than welcome.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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