Espinoza: “BLK Prime Didn’t Offer Much To Make Crawford vs Ennis”

Stephen Espinoza Sheds More Light on Crawford vs Ennis Talks

Stephen Espinoza says BLK Prime had little chance of making Crawford vs Ennis
(clockwise from left) Stephen Espinoza Terence Crawford, Jaron Ennis

Stephen Espinoza Says BLK Prime Had Little Shot Of Making Crawford vs Ennis

President of Showtime Sports Stephen Espinoza addressed the situation dealing with BLK Prime in making a possible showdown between IBF Interim welterweight champion Jaron “Boots” Ennis (30-0, 27KO) and WBO champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (39-0, 30KO).

The boxing community came down hard on Bozy Ennis, father of Boots. In an interview with Stamina For Sale, he revealed turning down a deal from BLK Prime to possibly fight Bud due to his loyalty to Showtime. Furthermore, boxing fans’ criticism went into overdrive after hearing him say they are not signed to Showtime. Some inside the boxing community questioned the seriousness of the offer considering Bud’s one-fight deal with BLK Prime expired after fighting David Avanesyan in December 2022.


During an interview with YSM Sports Media, Espinoza explained that BLK Prime had nothing to offer in being able to make the fight.

“I wouldn’t even characterize it a discussion. There was a discussion, but the reality is they don’t have a deal with Crawford. If Crawford’s under contract to BLK Prime, then maybe it goes through that. But the reality is they’re trying to put together a fight just like we’re trying to put together a fight.”

“It was a very short conversation. They didn’t really bring much to the table in terms of helping make the deal . . . if there’s going to be a fight between Boots and Crawford, there are easier ways to do it without going through them.”

Espinoza stated that it is a fight he wouldn’t turn down trying to make happen. Moreover, he believes that neither fighter would turn it down.

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