Estrada On Gonzalez: ” I Can Beat A Fighter Who Was Already KO’d”

Juan Francisco Estrada Confident He Will Defeat Roman Gonzalez In Their Highly Anticipated Rematch

Juan Francisco Estrada (left), Roman Gonzalez
Juan Francisco Estrada (left), Roman Gonzalez

Juan Francisco Estrada Confident He Will Defeat Roman Gonzalez In Their Highly Anticipated Rematch

The rematch between Juan Francisco Estrada (41-3, 28 KOs) and Roman Gonzalez (50-2, 41 KOs) will take place March 13 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, live on DAZN. Their first fight ended up with Estrada losing by unanimous decision. This time around, Estrada promises a much different result.


For those who do not remember their previous encounter, it took place in November 2012. At that time, Roman Gonzalez was in the middle of his prime. Estrada was a relative unknown coming down in weight from 112 pounds.

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The two went to war for 12-rounds. Gonzalez defeated Estrada to retain his then WBA World Junior Flyweight title. Fans who remember the fight agree it was one of the best fights of that year. There has been a clamoring for a rematch since.


Now they will fight again. Both men are older, and the rematch will take place at a higher weight. Estrada is the WBC World Junior Bantamweight champion. Gonzalez is the WBA ‘Super’ World Junior Bantamweight. During an interview with DAZN, Estrada says this time around he is wiser, better, and absolute of victory.

“I am stronger and have more desire than the first fight. We are both champions and we are going to want to win this fight.

In the first fight, I was 21 years old and had no experience of a big international fight. He was a pound-for-pound star at that time. But now I think this time favors me.

We are fighting two weight classes above the first fight, so it is already very different. I know that I can win this time. I know it’s a tough fight, and I think it will be a different fight. But I have already faced him. I know his qualities, and I feel that I can beat a fighter who was already knocked out.”


This is a world title unification fight at 115 pounds. Both fighters are regarded among boxing’s elite. In the years between their battle, their popularity has grown.

All of this equals a big fight, particularly among the smaller divisions. Make no mistake, it is one of the best matchups that can happen right now in boxing. This is the definition of a can’t-miss affair.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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