Mikaela Mayer To Terri Harper: “You’re So Fucking Soft”

Mikaela Mayer claps back hard at Terri Harper

Mikaela Mayer (left), Terri Harper
Mikaela Mayer (left), Terri Harper

Mikaela Mayer claps back hard at Terri Harper

WBO Junior Lightweight champion Mikaela Mayer (14-0, 5ko) continues to stay on the neck of rival WBC champion Terri Harper (11-0-1, 5ko) with a recent war of words via social media.

This is nothing new if you have been following the social media back-and-forth between team Harper and the WBO champion. Furthermore, Harper once told the former 2016 Olympian to “Get a belt first,” and she did just that by defeating Ewa Brodnicka back in 2020.

Harper, in a post-fight interview, after scoring an eight-round stoppage over undefeated Katharina Thanderz, had a message for her divisional-rival.

“I am coming for you, Mayer. Slowly, but surely we will get there, and I will be punching you in your face very soon.”

Of course, the brash WBO champion responded by making fun of her counterpart’s British accent.

“Wait, so I watched that whole video just to hear… “I’ll beh puchen ha face veray soon.” Better than nothing I guess… LOL, atta gayl I accept.”

Then there was the heated back-and-forth on social media with Mayer and the WBC champion’s trainer Stefy Bull, resulting in her using a clown emoji in a serious clap back.

“Go teach your boxer how to fight on the inside instead of playing on social media. You’re a clown. Let your fighter do the talking and stop trying to get your moment.”

Equally important, both champions are looking to secure separate unification bouts. If both are successful, it will lead to a huge undisputed fight to bring this saga to a close.

Harper is looking to fight a unification bout with WBA champion Hyun Mi Choi (18-0-1, 4ko). Meanwhile, Mayer is pursuing a unification bout with the hard-hitting IBF champion Maiva Hamadouche (22-1, 18ko).

However, things are even tenser between the two champions, as Stefy Bull took to social media to post a clip of the WBO champion getting hit by a jab.

“Hope she’s working on her head movement.”

Mayer’s clap back game is already brutal. However, she went full beast mode after being provoked.

Mikaela Mayer goes after Stefy Bull
Mikaela Mayer goes after Stefy Bull

The WBC champion came to the defense of her trainer by taking a jab at her rival’s trainer.

Terri Harper returns fire, going after Coach Al
Terri Harper returns fire, going after Coach Al

Of course, the WBO champion responded and made it clear how she really feels about the rival champion.

Mikaela Mayer tells Terri Harper to "woman up"
Mikaela Mayer tells Terri Harper to “woman up”

By: Garrisson Bland

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