Chris Eubank Jr: “Canelo Alvarez, That’s The Fight I Want Right Now!”

Chris Eubank Aiming to Destroy Canelo

Chris Eubank Jr (left), Saul "Canelo" Alvarez
Chris Eubank Jr (left), Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

Chris Eubank Aiming to Destroy Canelo

While the COVID-19 shutdown has been detrimental to countless people, this is not true across the board. There are scores of individuals who have been able harness this time and actually start getting ahead. One such person is UK boxing star Chris Eubank Jr (29-2, 22 KO’s). Eubank Jr made his way to the states a number of months back in order to get in some training with boxing great Roy Jones Jr.

After arriving in the states, Eubank Jr found that he was effectively stranded here due to the travel bans that were put in place. Thankfully for Junior, it would turn out to be heaven sent. As a result of being marooned in Pensacola, Florida, Eubank Jr has had the chance to soak up months of uninterrupted teaching and technique from Roy Jones. It is an experience that he believes has greatly altered him as a fighter.

“Training every day, five, six days a week with Roy Jones Jr out here in Pensacola, Florida and it’s been a hell of an experience! I don’t think I would have been out here if it wasn’t for this whole coronavirus situation. I’ve used it to my advantage in the sense that I have chosen to come out here to the wilderness and be on a farm everyday away from everybody and just focus on my craft. So yeah, it’s been a great experience so far.”


Even though he is happy with where his career has taken him, like any fighter, Eubank Jr wants to end his professional journey with a bang. Yet, looking at things realistically, Junior understands that at the age of thirty his most effective years are quickly going to be behind him. Bearing this in mind, he has put acute pressure on himself to make the most of the next three years.

“I want to do as much as I can with these last few years of prime activity because I am thirty years old. You know once you start hitting thirty-three, thirty-four you start to see a physical decline in most fighters. So these next three or four years are extremely important to me. And what would make me happy is using these next three or four years to the absolute best of my ability to get these huge fights to beat these big names, win these world titles, that’s what makes me happy.”

And when it comes to those big names, Eubank Jr was far from shy about calling out who he wanted and how he thought it would go.

“I’m going to say Canelo Alvarez, that is the fight that I want; that’s the number one fight that I want right now. I don’t think anyone on the planet would make a better opponent for him. Most guys go in there to run and survive, I’m going in there to destroy! And I know that I can beat him, so that is the fight that I want!”

“… I definitely got a game plan, I’ve definitely got a strategy. I see the weaknesses, I see where he can be exposed. And again, I am not looking to survive. I am looking to take the fight to him and I don’t think that he is ready for somebody like that.”

It’s a well-known fact that Canelo is still in the hunt for his next opponent. Perhaps Eubank Jr’s luck will extended to landing that mega-fight. Stranger things have happened!

By: Bakari Simpson

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