Farmer: “Gary Russell Talks Too Much! I Ain’t Tank Davis!”

Tevin Farmer Claps Back!

Tevin Farmer and Gary Russell Jr
Tevin Farmer (left) and Gary Russell Jr

Tevin Farmer responds to Gary Russell Jr’s callout!

By now everyone knows that what is broadcast on social media will get an immediate response. In the sport of boxing, this has been the reason for its raise in popularity.

The boxing community shouldn’t be shocked that yet again there is smoke where potentially there could be fire.

WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr (30-1, 18ko) was speaking with Boxing Logics United and dropped the name of IBF junior lightweight champion Tevin “American Idol” Farmer (30-4-1, 6ko).

“Tevin Farmer called me out. I never even planned on moving up to 130lbs, but I wouldn’t mind stopping at 130 just because he mentioned my name.

“He can box but he don’t have no pop. He got knocked out before and he got four losses.”

The talented southpaw champion emphatically stated,

“I’ll break my foot off in his ASS!”

Pure fighting words! Any fighter worth their salt wouldn’t just let that slide. Farmer is the type of fighter that believes in his worth and hails from Philadelphia, the city that is viewed as the Mecca of Boxing.

Farmer dashed to social media like The Flash to let it be known that the WBC champion can get it next.

Tevin Farmer via Social Media
Tevin Farmer via social media.


This is a fight that the boxing community needs to get behind. Just as well, both champions have been itching for a big fight.

It’s well documented how Russell Jr was on the heels of stablemate Leo Santa Cruz and Farmer was foaming at the mouth for a fight with WBA “regular” lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

However, with those fights never coming to fruition, fighting each other is a great option that should be explored.

The WBC champion has a fight against unknown Tugstsogt Nyambayar, while the IBF champion has a tougher task against former WBA “regular” featherweight champion Joseph “Jojo” Diaz.

Provided both can retain their respective titles, immediately the gears should be shifted towards making this into a reality.

By: Garrisson Bland

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