Deontay Wilder on Teddy Atlas: “He Even Doubted Me in the Amateurs!”

Deontay Wilder Claims Teddt Atlas Has Been Hating On Him For a While!

Deontay Wilder and Teddy Atlas
Deontay Wilder (left) and Teddy Atlas.

Deontay Wilder speaks on Teddy Atlas’ criticisms! 

Ever since his arrival onto the main stage of the heavyweight division, Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KO’s) has dealt with a great deal of criticism. The ferocious Alabaman has been accused of being talent-less, a one-trick pony and ducking stiff competition. None of the detractors, or their consistent talking points, have prevented Wilder from achieving excellence in the sport.


Eleven years into his professional career Wilder has captured, and defended, the WBC world heavyweight title for five straight years. Not only has the Bomber defended the belt for this impressive length of time, he has amassed an historic ten defenses. This feat alone has guaranteed that he will forever be a part of the history books.

Many believe there is a great chance that Wilder will face the winner of the unification rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr v Anthony Joshua. The winner of that bout will possess every other heavyweight title that Wilder does not own.

Popular belief is if Ruiz prevails once again, a unification bout to establish one true undisputed heavyweight champion will quickly be made. For this to happen, as previously stated, Ruiz must win and Wilder would have to defeat Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury in their respective rematch (29-0-1, 20KO).

Wilder takes care of business and sets up a fight with the winner of Ruiz vs Joshua, he will have faced Luis Ortiz (twice) and Tyson Fury (twice). Despite his long title reign and recent upgrade in class in terms of opponents faced, Wilder just can’t shake his very vocal and venomous detractors.


One of his chief critics, a long time cynic, is former chief second turned boxing analyst Teddy Atlas. The animated boxing enthusiast has seemingly delighted in harping on what he views as Wilder’s litany of in-ring short comings. Aside from his power, Atlas has disparaged everything about the Bronze Bomber from his foot work, head movement to his defensive incapabilities.

For those who follow Atlas, or Wilder, this is all long established information. Although, in a recent interview with ThaBoxingVoice, the WBC heavyweight champion supplied a bit of new information that may be surprising to many.

During his lengthy segment Wilder explained that Atlas has been hating on him well back since his amateur days.

“My first reaction is I want to be like, ‘Fuck Teddy!’ But then on the other side it’s like you can’t do nothing but laugh it off. At the end of the day if you talk about me and you supposed to be an expert in some folks eyes…I never looked at him like that. He’s crazy to me, but you know we all crazy.

“A guy that had one amateur fight and got knocked out but he know everything about boxing? Nah you know what it feels like to get to ass knocked out and maybe he still living off that concussion that he got hit with.

“Even from the amateurs bruh. He doubted me in the amateurs. He doubted me in the Olympics. When Jim Grey use to try to tell him, ‘hey man, this is our guy.’

“The only time he got on my side was when I was the last man standing in the Olympics, and he did all that talking. And I’m still surviving, still the last man standing.”

At one point it appeared that Wilder was irritated by this variety of nay-saying commentary. However, that no longer seems to be the case. Sure, the energy loving Alabaman is aware of the negative chatter, but he has arrived in a place in his life and career were the words have been stripped of their sharp teeth and draining power.

By: Bakari Simpson

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