Farmer Passed Davis But Social Media Beef Continues

Tevin Farmer is done chasing Gervonta Davis

Tevin Farmer (left) claims he is no longer pursuing Gervonta Davis (right).

Tevin Farmer is done chasing Gervonta Davis

IBF super featherweight champion Tevin Farmer has been trying to get a fight with current WBA champion Gervonta Davis for years now.

The 28 year-old Philadelphia southpaw wanted a fight with Davis long before ever winning a title.

It seems that is no longer a concern as the champion stated:

“I’ve been wanting to fight him. That’s a guy I’m over right now. If the fight happens, it happens. If it don’t, it don’t.

“Leonard Ellebee says there is no way Davis fights on DAZN.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing when DAZN is paying all the money. Why go to Showtime fight for nothing when I’m over here making more money. Read between the lines.”

-Tevin Farmer

Promoter Eddie Hearn even gave his thoughts as well:

“You should never ever take an opportunity from a fighter to make a lot of money and unify the division.

“If they come up with an offer that I can’t afford to pay Farmer I’ll let him fight on Showtime.”

-Eddie Hearn

Farmer held nothing back making that statement, and Hearn cleared the path with his.

It’s a fight that needs to happen. Davis once said if Farmer wins a title, then he would talk to him. When that happened, he then stated he would not move to lightweight unitll he unifies against Farmer.

We are waiting for him to back up his statements.

Regardless of the IBF champion’s position, he and Davis are still going at it on social media.

Tevin Farmer vs Gervonta Davis on Twitter
Tevin Farmer vs Gervonta Davis on Twitter continues.

Fans and pundits would tune-in for that fight. Hopefully 2019 will be the year it happens!

By: Garrisson Bland

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  1. Lets set the record straight for your readers regarding your asseretion that Tevin Farmer has been chasing Gervonta Davis for years. In June of last year in the run-up to the Mayweather/Magregor mega fight. Tevin Farmer was the first choice and the first man contacted to oppose Gervonta Davis as the co-main attraction on the Mayweather/Magregor fight card. I might add that was the highest grossing fight in history. Tevin stood to make not only more than he ever made but more than any other fighter of his status has made. Tevin turned that fight down. His excuse was he wanted to fight Gervonta on his terms not on anyone else’s. So just for the sake of clarity, lest we leave the impression that Davis has been avoiding Farmer.

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