Scott Fitzgerald Defeats Anthony Fowler in Exciting Conclusion!

A knockdown in the Final Round Makes the Difference For Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald avenges his loss to Anthony Fowler in the amateurs!

Anthony Fowler vs Scott Fitzgerald garnered most of the fans attention as the co-main event to Liam Smith vs Sam Eggington. Primarily since the two had fought in the amateurs with Fowler getting a second round stoppage.

Furthermore, the two exhibited some bad-blood in the lead-up to this bout! This time around, the fight would not be so easy for Fowler.

“Technical” would be the word to use if describing this bout with one word. The two combatants stuck behind their jabs, trying to find subtle openings where they can gain an advantage. This made for a very slow fight in terms of pace with little excitement early.

However, as a boxing fan, one must appreciate the logical aspect of the game; the “chess match” if you will. The bout was extremely close with both men exchanging rounds throughout! Fowler did well finding openings to the body while Fitzgerald found a home for the right had over the jab.

Many times you could see Fitzgerald jumping in behind his jab, leaving himself open up the middle. However, his opponent would be a bit too slow to take advantage. Although, in a fight against an opponent with a good amateur pedigree, it’s only a matter of time before the flaw is exploited.

A Dramatic Conclusion

Then in round nine, that moment came! Fitzgerald leaped in behind his jab then BAM! A counter right uppercut staggers him as he began to retreat. Fowler began to pour it on; pushing his foe against the ropes behind a barrage of shots.

Fitzgerald tried to fight back but was more determined not to touch the canvas. He also wanted to show the referee that he is still active and not to stop the bout!

He would go on to survive without being knocked down and this would lead to a huge round ten! In a twist of fate, it would be Fowler that is countered by a right uppercut after jabbing. The shot wobbled him and Fitzgerald would finish up with a right hand and a left hook that puts the Liverpool native on the canvas.

Fowler would sit on his knees in dismay as he knew the knockdown might have made the difference in the fight! His opponent knew as well as he initially tried to finish the bout, but backed off realizing he shouldn’t make any mistakes that could prevent him from keeping a 10-8 round.

As the round came to a close, the anticipation of who the winner would be was high. The scorecards would read 96-94 for Fowler and 95-94 twice for Fitzgerald! The knockdown in the final round mad the difference.

The fighter from Preston would avenge his amateur loss as a pro! This was an excellent match-up of two prospects putting it all on the line, something boxing needs to see more of!

By: EJ Williams

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