Francis Ngannou: “I Wasn’t Surprised; Boxing Is Kind Of Shitty”

Francis Ngannou Wants Justice Served in Boxing

Francis Ngannou speaks on the corruption inside boxing
Francis Ngannou speaks on the corruption inside boxing | credit: Getty Images, Reuters

Francis Ngannou Expected Unfair Treatment in Boxing

After narrowly losing via split decision to WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (34-0-1, 24KO), as a newcomer to bxing, Francis Ngannou expressed no surprise with the controversial decision.

On October 28, Ngannou stunned the boxing world by dropping Fury and coming remarkably close to pulling off what would have been the biggest upset in the sport.


In an interview on his YouTube channel, the former MMA champion expressed his lack of surprise.

“I’m confident I won that fight. I wasn’t surprised [by] what happened last night. I knew that it would happen. I’m alone in this game . . . Imagine [if] I would have walked out [of] there with that belt, or with him being defeated for the first time. [How] would that look for [the business]? . . . I think it’s a shame for boxing.”

“I don’t care that much [about the decision], but I think, for justice, those judges should be accountable for their responsibility. It’s not the only thing that I found out in this boxing world. It’s kind of shitty. There is a lot of shitty stuff here.”

Social media is filled with those who share the same sentiments of corruption as Ngannou. Plenty of fans believe the wrong man was declared the winner. The majority of the boxing community believes that Fury was awarded the victory only to protect the undisputed showdown against unified champion Oleksandr Usyk. However, with this controversy casting a dark shadow on the sport, the undisputed fight may be pushed back until 2024.

The recovery process from this disgraceful result is going to be challenging for the sport to overcome.

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