Frank Sanchez Gets UD Over Academy Award Nominee Nagy Aguilera!

Frank Sanchez Gets A UD After Nagy Aguilera Quits!

Frank Sanchez gears up to throw a right hook.
Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez Continues His Dominant Ways Against Nagy Aguilera!

In his latest effort, Cuban heavyweight Frank “The Cuban Flash” Sanchez (18-0, 13 KO’s) continued his winning ways. He accomplished this by snagging a supremely unsatisfying unanimous decision win over the tough Nagy “Dominican Dynamite” Aguilera (21-11, 14 KO’s). For those familiar with the Sanchez the outcome came as no real surprise since before he entered the professional ranks Sanchez was a notable amateur technician.

Armed with his formidable speed and power, The Cuban Flash amassed an impressive amateur record of 214-6. Aside from this, he became a Cuban national champion in 2015 with a victory over the 2017 AIBA world champion Erislandy Savon. Sanchez launched his professional career in 2017 with a 92-second starching of Justin Thornton. He would go on to win his first six pro-fights by knockout. At heavyweight he is currently ranked #6 (WBO) and  #14 (WBC and WBA).

Nagy Aguilera is a sufficiently seasoned veteran who has entered the realm of journeyman. He has shared the ring with notable names such as Sam Peters, Antonio Tarver, Tomasz Adamek, Dominic Breazeale and Gerald Washington. Unfortunately for him he lost every single one of those contests. As of late, Aguilera has had an extremely sparse fight schedule stretch his last three bouts over five years.


The bout began in rather subdued fashion as Sanchez played the role of aggressor by moving forward behind a high guard. He kept Aguilera on the back foot using his probing jab. For a moment after being caught in the corner, it appeared that it might be an early night. The Cuban Flash was able to nail Aguilera with a powerful straight right and follow up right uppercut. The underdog took the blows well and quickly exited the corner and finished the round without further mishap.

Minus the corner drama, the second round greatly resembled the first round. Sanchez’ dangerous right hand remained on the hunt but found no major success. The action began to heat up after Aguilera began complaining to the ref about a punch behind the head. Trouble was, as he was talking to the official, Sanchez blasted him in the mouth with a crooked straight right and follow up left down the pipe. Once again the Dominican absorbed the shots well and fought much more aggressively for the remainder of the period. Aguilera was still letting Sanchez lead but he began to establish his own jab.


While he took them ate them without issue, Sanchez bounced hard right hands off Aguilera’s head throughout the third round. With the coming of the fourth, the Cuban Flash was more relaxed and now his hands were much lower. Outside of that little changed; Aguilera circled and threw little while Sanchez pursued and didn’t throw a great deal more. Aguilera did complain to the ref once again.

Unfortunately in the six round, the Dominican decided to act more than fight. Sanchez threw a looping right hand that grazed the back of Aguilera’s head after hitting his shoulder. The underdog then took three steps away and dropped to a knee against the ropes while clutching his head. A few moments later he crumbled to the canvas grimacing like his foot was caught in a bear trap.

After attempting to rise to his feet, the Dominican fell back to the canvas. Once he rolled around long enough to ensure the fight was over, he hopped up and admonished the ref for not taking greater action. After all the theatrics the bout went to the scorecards and Sanchez won by unanimous decision.

By: Bakari Simpson

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