Franklin On Whyte Decision: “I Feel Like I Got Robbed”

Jermaine Franklin Wants a Rematch with Dillian Whyte

Jermaine Franklin feels like he was robbed against Dillian Whyte
Jermaine Franklin feels like he was robbed against Dillian Whyte

Jermaine Franklin Feels Dillian Whyte Decision Went the Wrong Way

For his last tour of duty, heavyweight boxer Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin (21-1, 14 KO’s) took his show on the road. In that prizefight, against the most notable opponent of his career, Franklin fought Dillian Whyte. Once in the ring, 989 Assassin proved to be an extremely worthy foe. He maintained a good work-rate, displayed respectable stamina, a diverse arsenal and his chin definitely passed a thorough inspection.

Franklin did so well. in fact, that he felt that he should have been awarded the victory when the bout went to the cards. Instead, Whyte was given the nod by way of majority decision. During his post-fight interview, 989 Assassin was not bashful about stating his opinion that the wrong man won. He was even quick to lay out his desire for a rematch, should Team Whyte grant him one.

“I mean, I feel like I got robbed, I feel like I done enough to get the decision. I feel like I won the earlier rounds. I just feel like I got robbed on the decision . . . I’m down for a rematch, if they will give it to me, but I feel like I won – I feel like I got robbed on the decision . . . I proved a lot of people wrong, I prove people wrong every day, that’s what we do. A lot of people look and judge, but they wouldn’t have the heart to step in here and fight me.”

While this will certainly still be a bitter loss for Franklin, there is a silver lining. There was a great deal of people who thought he was just an opponent for Dillian Whyte to get into a groove against. This is why Franklin’s impressive showing will earn him all-new notoriety and respectability. Therefore, it would not be outrageous to see him in another meaningful fight in 2023.

By: Bakari Simpson

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