Garcia On Crawford’s MMA Plan: “They’re Going To Embarrass You!”

Angel Garcia Scoffs At Terence Crawford's MMA Plan!

Angel Garcia, Terence Crawford (right)
Angel Garcia, Terence Crawford (right)

Angel Garcia: “They’re going to embarrass the fuck out of you!”

In an era where it’s becoming more and more common for MMA fighters to square off with professional boxers in the squared circle, one of boxing’s best fighters is ready to entertain himself stepping out of his comfort zone into the octagon!

Terence “Bud” Crawford’s (36-0, 27KOs) promoter Bob Arum has come out publicly and proposed a two-fight deal with the UFC’s mega star Connor McGregor. The proposal would require both men face off in both the squared circle and the octagon.

This news has one of the more well known trainers expressing the sorrow he has for Crawford. Speaking to FightHype, Angel Garcia shared his thoughts.

“I feel sorry for Terence Crawford in the MMA. Bro listen, it’s a totally different page bro. I did a little bit of Taekwondo when I was younger, you ain’t did it bro.

“You ain’t never been kicked in the face. It’s a different pain bro. It’s like McGregor coming over to boxing and look how he looked against Floyd. Floyd dominated him.”

“You know they take them down and get that little rest, but they catch you in a clinch and twist your elbow the other way.

“That’s dangerous bro, very dangerous. You go over there and they’re going to embarrass the fuck out of you! The loser looks worse.”

Those words couldn’t be more true. We all know this from witnessing Mayweather vs McGregor and former three-division champion James Toney vs MMA legend Randy Couture.

Arum and Crawford would be better advised to chase the money in boxing versus another that’ll likely see the fighter dominated and beat up. There’s plenty of big fights for Crawford.

A short list holds names like Errol Spence, Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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