Danny Garcia: “Two More Fights, Then I’m Going To 154”

Danny Garcia moving to super welterweight

Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia moving to super welterweight

On November 21, the seasoned welterweight prizefighter Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-2, 21 KO’s) will be looking to establish himself as the man to beat in the welterweight division. He will attempt this by facing WBC and IBF world welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (26-0, 21 KO’s). At the moment, common consensus holds that the Spence is at the top of the 147lbs landscape.

Spence and Garcia having been trying to coordinate a fight date since 2019. Regrettably, the Truth’s automobile accident and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced months of delays. Armed with an official fight date now, Garcia is faithful that everything will go as presently planned. However, no matter what happens with the Spence fight, Garcia’s days within the welterweight division are at an end.

154 BOUND!!

Given how many top fights can still be made at 147, it is somewhat surprising to hear that the Philly fight ambassador is thinking about making an exodus. Yet, as he explained on the Last Stand Podcast with Brain Custer, his exit is just around the corner.

“I would say two, this and one more. And then I want to go up to 154 and my goal is to win at three divisions. And until that happens, I feel like I didn’t live up to my career, like in my head. My goal was to be 140, 147 and 154, and until that happens I feel like the Garcia legacy’s incomplete. But this win right here will make me a five-time world champion. So even if I don’t go to 154 the legacy is still there! The legacy is here right now!”


And for the fans that want to see him face top 147 names like WBO world welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (36-0, 27 KO’s) or rematch Shawn “Showtime” Porter (31-3-1, 17 KO’s) and Keith “One Time” Thurman (29-1, 22 KO’s), Swift insists there is no need to worry.

“I would want those rematches with Porter and Thurman, I would say that. But as far as Porter, Thurman, Spence I feel like those are the top guys, that are fights that are easy to make. Pac Man, but Pac Man is a legend.”

“Like you said, Terence Crawford, maybe that can happen in the future, but three out of the five is still good! But I still want to fight Porter and Thurman, that could be at 154! We are not natural 154 pounders so maybe we can go up there and fight for a belt, you never know!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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